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Massive alligator spotted in Florida! Twitter wonders if a kaiju attack is next for 2020

By Josh Weiss

The way this year has been going, we wouldn't be surprised if 2020 decides to go out with a bang and invite some kaiju to the already swingin' apocalypse party. As per usual, Florida is making headlines for the sighting of a gargantuan alligator (or "dinogator") that was seen walking through the Valencia Golf and Country Club in Naples.

"Glad to see people interested in alligators because of this observation. I’ve gotten many tweets and journalist inquiries about it. It’s an iconic species and conservation success story. But in short, there’s nothing unusual or remarkable about the video or the alligator," Dr. David Steen, a Conservation Biologist and Science Communicator, wrote on Twitter.

Has a dinosaur escaped from Isla Nublar? Are we currently living through the plot of Jurassic World: Dominion? Of course, we could be living in the Pacific Rim timeline. Does someone need to call up Guillermo del Toro and kickstart the Jaeger program? Or is this some Reign of Fire situation, where a race of reptilian beasts are waking up from an eons-old slumber to reclaim the planet? Again, nothing can really surprise us at this point. Unsurprisingly, however, is the Twitter-sphere, which is always raring to get in on the viral buzz of the day. Social media users are having fun with the incredible gator sighting, drawing comparisons to (what else?) Jurassic Park and pointing out that giant, prehistoric beasts walk among us once again.

We, for one, welcome our new reptilian overlord with open, webbed feet.