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SYFY WIRE Michael Myers

Michael Myers will slash his way through Universal Studios' Halloween Horror Nights this fall

The legendary slasher will stalk guests through a series of haunted houses that reflect scenes from the first Halloween movie. 

By Vanessa Armstrong
Halloween House At Hhn 2022

Michael Myers is coming back, and not just in October in the latest (potentially last?) installment in the Halloween franchise, Halloween Ends

Today, Universal Studios announced that the mask-wearing, slash-happy Myers will make a vengeful return to Halloween Horror Nights, the annual very-scary experience that occurs at Universal Studios Orlando and Universal Studios Hollywood. 

We’ve also got a short clip to celebrate Michael’s return, which you can check out below:

In both parks, Michael will be returning to his slashing roots — Halloween Horror Night visitors will be transported to 1978’s Haddonfield, Illinois, the time and location of the original Halloween film where Michael first picked up his knife. Guests will be able to walk through several haunted houses that feature several scenes from the film’s most chilling moments, with Michael jump-scaring folks along the way. 

Michael Myers will only be one of many spooky attractions at Halloween Horror Nights, of course. Last month, Universal also announced that the movie monsters Dracula, Wolf Man, and the Mummy will also have their own horrifying haunted house, which will feature music composed by Guns ‘N Roses’ SLASH. 

Halloween House At Hhn 2022

You can get suitably scared in real life by the movie monsters as well as the Michael Myers haunted houses starting on Friday, Sept. 2 at Universal Studios Orlando and on Sept. 8 at Universal Studios Hollywood. Both attractions will run through Oct. 31.  

If you want even more Michael Myers slashing action, you can also check out Halloween Ends when it premieres on Oct. 14.