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SYFY WIRE Halloween Kills

Will 'Halloween Ends' really be the end of the franchise? Director David Gordon Green explains

By Caitlin Busch
Halloween Kills Still Michael Myers

With Halloween Kills premiering in theaters and on Peacock this Friday, Oct. 15, audiences get a sequel to Halloween (2018) and take one step closer to what promises to be a finale by name: Halloween Ends, set to premiere in 2022. When we spoke to trilogy director and co-writer David Gordon Green, he called choosing such a title for the finale “a bold choice,” but one that was necessary.

“I know that if I just continue it, I could go on forever. I’m trying to restrain myself and behave and wrap it up in a conclusive way,” he admits. “Because if I look at it as a personal opportunity for me to play with the characters and the world that John Carpenter and Debra Hill created, I wanna make it very contained and controllable. I want to be a curator of the property for a minute and I wanna do some quality control for lack of a better term and have some fun in that wheelhouse and then say goodnight and let the next generation and the next filmmaker and the next great creative idea take over with that mythology.” 

So the “end” in Halloween Ends isn’t so much a warning that Carpenter’s characters and the town of Haddonfield, Illinois, are going away indefinitely after 2022, just that this chapter will be coming to a close. Because Michael Myers — famed slasher and Captain Kirk mask-wearing knife-wielder extraordinaire — can’t be killed in more ways than one.

“We talk about fear transcending from the boogeyman onward to a community,” Green muses. “I think Michael Myers, as far as I’m concerned, has transcended in movie monster culture to stand alongside the Wolfman and the Mummy and so many classic characters. I don’t think he’ll ever go away. Carpenter so brilliantly brought him into a culture and he’s here to stay.”

Halloween Kills premieres in theaters and on Peacock on Oct. 15. Halloween Ends is set to premiere next year.

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