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SYFY WIRE Mrs. Davis

'Mrs. Davis' creator Damon Lindelof shows off his boxing skills as he celebrates his 50th birthday

"I like to be grateful for the insane life that I have," the Mrs. Davis creator said on his milestone birthday. 

By Gina Salamone
Damon Lindelof

Damon Lindelof, co-creator of Peacock's religious-themed new sci-fi show Mrs. Davis, sure knows how to count his blessings. The screenwriter and producer rang in his 50th birthday this week with a new video that shows off his boxing skills. "This. Is. FIFTY.," he captioned the Instagram clip that shows him gloved up and practicing his moves with another guy as rapper 50 Cent's In da Club blares.

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"I am fifty years old," Lindelof wrote alongside the video, shot in what looks like a sprawling backyard with an in-ground pool. "I like to kick. I like to stretch. I like to box. I like to put two spaces after my periods. I like to write. I like to husband. I like to dad. I like to friend. I like to be grateful for the insane life that I have. Much love to you all!"

Watch Mrs. Davis co-creator Damon Lindelof show off his boxing skills to ring in his 50th birthday.

Lindelof — who also created series like the sci-fi drama Lost, the supernatural show The Leftovers, and the superhero-themed limited series Watchmen — has a lot to be thankful for. Mrs. Davis debuted on Peacock last week and has received generally positive reviews thanks to its wild creativity. The show centers on Sister Simone (Betty GIlpin), a nun who sets out to take down an artificial intelligence-based entity that aims to take over the world. 

Rounding out the cast are Andy McQueen as Jay/Jesus, Simone's husband (yes, you read that right, and yes, THAT Jesus); Jake McDorman as Simone's ex-boyfriend Wiley; David Arquette as Simone's father, Montgomery Abbott, and more.

Of the show's premise, Lindelof told SYFY WIRE ahead of the premiere, "I think that the idea of living in a Dickensian construct where parents are fairly terrible and selfish and narcissistic, and the kids are now basically working through and trying to absolve themselves of the things that were put on them versus the fundamental parts of their own nature, and then to tell it inside of this insane playground definitely felt very familiar to me.

"But I think that when it came to particularly creating this path, [co-creator Tara Hernandez] was very resolute — and it was such a Northstar for all of us — in saying, 'This is not a story where Simone's faith is a coping mechanism.' As you know, [faith] is a big part of my storytelling, which was undergirding the entire The Leftovers concept and even parts of Lost where I'm using my belief as a way of coping with the mystery. But [Simone] doesn't have that mystery in her life."

You can stream Mrs. Davis now on Peacock.