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My Nemesis: Watch 15 minutes from the Resident Evil 3 remake


Just over two decades ago, Resident Evil 3: Nemesis scared gamers on the original PlayStation. And on Friday, April 3, Capcom is sending fans back to Raccoon City’s last stand in the highly anticipated Resident Evil 3 remake.

Players will once again step into the shoes of Jill Valentine, the fan-favorite heroine from the first RE. This time, "the master of unlocking" has a few new tricks to help her escape from the city. Unfortunately for Jill, Nemesis is constantly chasing her down, and he's even more relentless than Mister X from RE2!

SYFY WIRE's Juan Cadavid recently had a chance to play the RE3 remake and he's found that there are two primary ways to keep Jill intact. The first option is to avoid confronting the zombie hordes whenever possible. Ammo is limited in the game, and players are gonna need every bullet they can find. It also takes at least three head shots to take out a zombie, and that's more than you should spare!

The other alternative is to jump into the game with guns a'blazing. It might make things easier for a while, but the downside of that approach is that Jill may run out of ammo before she has to survive the boss fights.

Additionally, the Resident Evil 3 remake has embraced the tradition of sending players back the way they already came. As new upgrades are earned, Jill gets the skills to open previously locked or obstructed doors to claim the items within. This is a game that rewards backtracking, but players should always be wary. Nemesis can strike at almost any moment and the dangers don't always stay in the shadows.

For more Resident Evil 3 remake tips and strategies, check out the full video!