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Superman fandom turns into a search for identity in full trailer for The CW's 'Naomi'

Naomi arrives this week on The CW.

By Matthew Jackson
Naomi 101 PRESS

This week, The CW's collection of DC Comics-inspired superhero properties expands yet again with Naomi, a much-anticipated teen superhero series developed by filmmaker Ava DuVernay (A Wrinkle in Time), based on the DC Comics hero of the same name created by Brian Michael Bendis, David F. Walker, and Jamal Campbell. We've seen teasers galore for the show, and even heard from the people behind it, but a day ahead of the series premiere, we've now got an expanded full season trailer, and it spotlights a search for identity. 

The series follows Naomi (Kaci Walfall), a Superman-obsessed teenage blogger leading a happy life with her adoptive parents. Naomi sees a kindred spirit in the Man of Steel, and obsessively documents his adventures from a distance, until the day something strange happens when Superman actually arrives in her neighborhood. In a flash, Naomi's life changes overnight, as she begins to exhibit strange signs of something happening inside her, something connected to a past she doesn't remember, that could change everything about her future. 

In the trailer below, you won't find a whole lot of superheroic exploits. Instead, the show is taking a slow-burn teen drama approach to Naomi's story, rolling out little bits of her discovery on her journey to figuring out who she really is.

Check it out:

Though the series is based on the Naomi comics of the same name, comics which have since led the title character to run-ins with the Justice League and more, DuVernay previously noted that The CW has given the series a great deal of creative license to go their own way, and even compared the evolution of Spider-Man's many incarnations with what they're trying to do with the character. 

"They said this is our baby and you take her and raise her like you want," DuVernay said. "That is a gift they gave to us, to say, 'Take it and do your thing.' And our series takes a different path than the next series of the comics. We think Naomi can hold multiple interpretations. And we’ve enjoyed that freedom."

We'll see where this interpretation goes when Naomi premieres tomorrow night on The CW.