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SYFY WIRE Thor: Love and Thunder

Don’t call her Female Thor: Natalie Portman will be Mighty Thor, says Taika Waititi

By Jacob Oller
Mighty Thor cover cropped

Now we know why Taika Waititi had to put Akira on hold. San Diego Comic-Con saw the writer/director's newest Thor movie, Thor: Love and Thunder, get a full announcement alongside its newest superhero: Natalie Portman. That's right, Jane Foster would be taking over the God of Thunder's role as per Jason Aaron's The Mighty Thor comic. So while the font for the film's title was already incredible, it's twisty new hero has really set the internet abuzz.

However, some fans may be using a misnomer. Just because this new Thor happens to be a lady doesn't mean that's what defines her. So, leave it to the director to look out for his stars. In response to everyone online calling Portman's newly-Mjolnired character "Female Thor," Waititi issued the following correction:

Nice. While it's unclear how much of the storyline will be used in a movie already promising to find a Queen for Valkyrie's King, The Mighty Thor takes its heroine on quite a rollercoaster. This is on top of the hype already infecting those like OG Avenger Chris Hemsworth, source author Aaron, and yes, every woman on Twitter:

To the point of the latter, Foster wasn't exactly the strongest role in the MCU, so Portman's quick return to the franchise was perhaps surprising to some fans. But, according to Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige, she was instantly back on board as soon as the man behind Ragnarok gave her the idea. Feige told ET that "when Taiki had this idea and pitched it to her, she was in right away." Looks like if there was any bad blood it was all cured with a little dose of love and thunder.

Thor: Love and Thunder rumbles into theaters on Nov. 5, 2021.