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'National Treasure: Edge of History' star on how series is kinda like 'Harry Potter' in a weird way

It looks like the National Treasure spinoff show will have some dark moments as well as some exciting ones. 

By Vanessa Armstrong
National Treasure: Edge of History

Disney+’s upcoming National Treasure: Edge of History series is making a splash at San Diego Comic-Con this year. We’ve already found out Harvey Keitel will be reprising his role as FBI Agent Peter Sadusky in the 10-episode series, and now series star Lisette Olivera — who plays the intrepid lead Jess on the show — has teased that Edge of History will have a pivotal moment in the middle of the season that will leave fans reeling. 

SYFY WIRE attended a roundtable interview with Olivera and her co-star Jake Austin Walker, who plays Keitel’s son on the show. During that conversation, the two teased what fans can expect over the course of the10-episode series during its first season. 

“We can’t say too much, but towards the latter half of the season, we do some crazy stuff,” Walker said. “I’d say it’s most comparable to [2007’s National Treasure: Book of Secrets] — the pace and the action, and what’s going on. It gets very wild.”

Oliveria expounded on Walker’s explanation and added that “episodes 1-5 is its own Part 1 in terms of the feel of it. And episodes 6-10 — it’s almost like before and after Dumbledore died in Harry Potter.” 

Book of Secrets is the second National Treasure movie, where Ben Gates (Nicholas Cage) finds himself on a treasure hunt that involves politely kidnapping the President of the United States, finding a hidden city of gold under Mount Rushmore, and having his former foe Mitch Wilkinson (Ed Harris) sacrifice himself so that the others would survive. The comparison also links the show tone-wise to the bigger action of the sequel, which makes it sound like Disney+ won't be skipping on the big puzzles and death-defying set pieces that have come to define the franchise.

Exciting stuff! And Oliveria’s comparing the mid-point of the season to Dumbledore’s death suggests the stakes will be very high in Edge of History, and possibly a bit dark as well. Disney+ promises the show will premiere “soon,” so here’s hoping we find out what happens sooner rather than later. Even though we've seen and learned a bit about the spinoff project, there's still plenty we don't know about the small screen chapter in the beloved treasure-hunting film series.

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