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NBC teams with BBC for reality-bending competition series 'Destination X'

Don't trust everything you see!

By Josh Weiss
Destination X

NBC and BBC will blur the lines of fantasy and reality in an ambitious new reality competition series entitled Destination X from creator Geronimo (award-winning team behind The Big Job Switch and Doctor Davy).

The format — which launched in Belgium earlier this year to 42% of the television market share — centers around 10 contestants boarding a bus for an unknown location. But here's the competitive rub: the interior of the vehicle has been heavily augmented to mislead both the players and the audience.

Presented with a number of clues along the mysterious route, contestants are tasked with discerning what is real and what is not. Each episode ends with players taking a guess at where they are on a map. The individual to place their X farthest away from the actual location of the bus is eliminated from the game and loses out on a chance at winning the ultimate cash prize. Those left must search for the host, who interacts with the remaining survivors from an undisclosed command post.

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"Following the must-see success of The Traitors, I'm delighted that once again we're partnering with NBCUniversal on another very smart, very addictive and very innovative competition show," Kate Phillips, BBC Director of Unscripted, said in a statement, while referencing Peacock's murder-mystery show hosted by Alan Cumming. "With countless red herrings and brain-teasing clues, we were gripped from the start. It promises to be a hugely challenging adventure for our 10 brave contestants, with plenty of play along for all BBC viewers, as everyone hopes they've got the 'X' that marks the spot!"

"Destination X is a big unique format that pairs spectacular adventure travel with the ultimate guessing game," added Corie Henson, Executive Vice President, Unscripted Programming, NBCUniversal Television and Streaming. "The Traitors instilled confidence that big formats are back, and Destination X is incredibly ambitious. We’re thrilled to have the perfect traveling partners in Universal Television Alternative Studios, BBC and, of course, BE-Entertainment, for this one-of-a-kind immersive gameplay set among stunning locations.”

"It’s amazing to see how Destination X has literally taken off since its launch!" concluded Gepke Nederlof, MD of Be-Entertainment. "It’s a true adventure both in and outside of the Destination X-bus, and we could not be more proud than to partner with two of the leading content companies in the world in such an early stage of our international journey."

Episodes of Destination X will air on NBC before arriving on Peacock the very next day.

The complete first season of The Traitors (along with a 48-minute reunion special) is now streaming on Peacock.