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SYFY WIRE Quantum Leap

Reboot the past! 'Quantum Leap Day' celebration takes gas and movie tickets back to 1985 prices

The reimagined take on the Scott Bakula classic premieres on NBC Monday, Sep. 19.

By Josh Weiss
QUANTUM LEAP Season 1 Episode 1

Whoa, this is heavy...We're just a week away from the premiere of NBC's Quantum Leap revamp and to celebrate the return of time traveling shenanigans, the network has announced a retro celebration in Los Angeles.

Scheduled to take place this Thursday (Sep. 15), the "Quantum Leap Day experience" will feature a drive-through location where fans can fill up on gas for .91 cents a gallon, the average price of fuel in 1985 — the year in which the series opening leap takes place. All you have to do is head over to 1749 N. Vine St, Los Angeles, CA 90028, starting at 9 a.m. PT. Of course, supplies are limited, with patrons allowed up to 10 gallons each. In addition, NBC has partnered with Fandango for '80s-era movie ticket prices of $3.55 a pop (keep an eye on the Fandango website for a special promo code to drop). Click here for more information.

Showrun by La Brea producers, Steven Lilien and Bryan Wynbrandt, this contemporary reimagining of Quantum Leap stars Raymond Lee (Kevin Can F**k Himself) as Dr. Ben Song, the latest scientist to find himself leaping from body to body through the course of history. Aided by a hologram of his colleague and love interest, Addison Augustine (Caitlin Bassett), Ben rights wrongs in an effort to make it back to the year 2022, where the rest of the QL team works feverishly to rescue him.

"It's very much a sequel, not a reboot," Bassett said during a recent interview with TV Insider. "There's definitely gonna be a lot of Easter eggs and some character tie-ins from the original, which is very exciting, and I think the original fans will be pumped about it."

“I think it’s very familiar,” echoed Hudson. “Obviously, there’s a modern twist on it, but it definitely follows in the same spirit. For those fans who watched the original show, they will definitely enjoy it and I think there’s a lot there for anybody just coming in for the first time to really get excited about it as well.”

Ernie Hudson (Ghostbusters), Nanrisa Lee (Bosch), and Mason Alexander Park (Cowboy Bebop) co-star. Showrunner Martin Gero (Blindspot) is an executive producer with Lilien and Wynbrandt, Donald P. Bellisario (creator of the original iteration of Quantum Leap) and Deborah Pratt (writer, producer, and narrator for the original series).

Quantum Leap premieres on NBC Monday, Sep. 19 at 10 p.m. EST. New episodes will be available to stream on Peacock the day after they air.

All five seasons of the original Quantum Leap are currently streaming on Peacock.