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Netflix reveals hellish new 'Sandman' & 'Stranger Things' footage in Geeked Week 2022 trailer

The Sandman, Stranger Things, The Umbrella Academy, The Gray Man, and so much more!

By Josh Weiss
A still from Netflix's Geeked Week trailer.

Netflix takes us straight to Hell with the trailer for Geeked Week 2022. Well, not literally — your soul is safe... for now.

Narrated by Stranger Things cast member David Harbour, the video (which clocks in at just under two minutes) gets the fire and brimstone a-cracklin' with a slew of brand-new footage from The Sandman television series expected to premiere sometime this year. We get our first good look at Gwendoline Christie as Lucifer, who welcomes Morpheus — aka Dream (played by Tom Sturridge) — to the realm of the damned in a moment ripped straight from the original comics penned by Neil Gaiman, who serves as writer and executive producer on the long-awaited TV adaptation.

"With Sandman, it's all about surprising you," Gaiman said earlier this year. "It's all about reinventing itself. It's all about taking you on a journey you've not been on before ... It's not taking place in an imagined world. It's taking place in this one ... You watch Episode 1 and think, 'Oh, I get this thing: it's like Downton Abbey, but with magic.' Then you'll be wondering, 'What the hell is this?' by Episode 2, when you're meeting Gregory the Gargoyle in The Dreaming. Episode 5 is about as dark and traumatic as anything is ever gonna get, then you've got Episode 6, which is probably the most feel-good of all the episodes."

Scheduled to kick off Monday, June 6 and run through Friday, June 10, the five-day virtual fan event that is Geeked Week will also include major reveals for shows and films like Stranger Things 4, The Umbrella Academy Season 3, The Gray Man, Day ShiftSpiderhead, Manifest Season 4, Alice in BorderlandLocke & Key Season 3, Sweet Tooth Season 2, Resident Evil, The School for Good and Evil, and plenty more.

Watch the trailer below:

Jacob Bertrand, jstoobs, Jaeden Martell, Reece Feldman (aka guywithamoviecamera), Ella Purnell, Tiffany Smith, Felicia Day, B Dave Walters, Geoff Keighley, and Mari Takahashi are on deck to serve as hosts for all the trailers, sneak peeks, surprise announcements, and cast panels for over 60 Netflix titles.

With the first half of its fourth outing premiering on May 27, Stranger Things is easily the biggest draw here, especially since the hit, '80s-inspired series hasn't released new episodes since the summer of 2020. To underscore that rabid fan excitement, Netflix will devote the the entire fourth day of Geeked Week to the show.

"One of the things I'm excited about is we go into the backstory of Eleven and we get to see what happened in Hawkins Lab," Matt Duffer, who co-created the project with his brother Ross, said at the Season 4 world premiere over the weekend. "I'm just really excited for people to see that storyline because I think there have been a lot of questions fans have had and we're finally starting to answer some of those big questions. I'm just excited to see the reaction to that."

"It's darker in terms of the themes that we explore," added Ross. "The kids are [no longer] kids, they're moving into high school and so, for us, high school was a dark time. It's represented in this season by this monster, Vecna, and we were trying to evoke Nightmare on Elm Street, Hellraiser, Pennywise from IT, and all the monsters that scared us the most as kids. This season's bigger in the sense that it's longer. It's almost twice the length of all the other seasons. It's nearly 800 pages of scripts, so it's really two seasons ... It's bigger in terms of and scale. We have our characters not all in Hawkins for the first time. We have a huge Russia storyline, we have a huge California storyline, and we have a huge Hawkins storyline ... We did our big summer blockbuster season with Season 3 and Season 4, we just wanted to go dark. We wanted it to be scary. We've always wanted to do Nightmare on Elm Street movie, it never happened. We wanted to do IT [and] it never happened. So this season, we got all of that out of our system by introducing this big new bad, Vecna, who I think people are gonna love to hate."

Here's the full Geeked Week schedule:

  • Monday, June 6 (Day 1) — Series
  • Tuesday, June 7 (Day 2) — Film
  • Wednesday, June 8 (Day 3) — Animation
  • Thursday, June 9 (Day 4) — Stranger Things
  • Friday, June 10 (Day 5) — Games

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