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Netflix's 'The Irregulars' is on the case with a terrifying twist on the Sherlock Holmes mythos

By Nivea Serrao

Not too long after Netflix's latest addition to the Sherlock Holmes canon — the scene-stealing runaway Enola Holmes — comes another foray into Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's works featuring the great detective, via the streaming giant's latest series: The Irregulars

Although, as you can see in the trailer for the upcoming project (below), the show doesn't really focus on Holmes' family or the man himself. Instead, it will follow a band of young Victorian street kids otherwise known as the "Baker Street Irregulars," who would often act as spies and informants for the detective in Doyle's stories. However, as the teaser illustrates, that's not all they'll be faced with doing as there seems to be a supernatural threat afoot and they're the only ones who can stop it before it commits any more murders. 

And those aren't the sole tweaks creator Tom Bidwell has made to Holmes canon. Not only are the Irregulars themselves teenagers, as opposed to younger kids like their literary versions, but they will answer to Dr. Watson instead of Holmes (played by Royce Pierreson and Henry Lloyd-Hughes, respectively) and will be led by a young girl who is trying to save her younger sister — a twist on the all-male network Holmes relied on. 

"We set out with that intention, why can't they go into what is predominantly a man's world and kick a bit of ass?" Bidwell told Entertainment Weekly. "I wanted to stay away from things that are classic period Victorian, more like Dickensian stuff. ... They have problems that we have, they don't speak in a period way, they speak to each other in a more contemporary way than you would probably expect from a Victorian adaptation."

It's also why he brought in supernatural elements, leaning on Doyle's own history as a spiritualist who tried to prove that supernatural phenomena were real. "In our show, the mysteries can be solved, but they can't be very easily explained with rational thought — there's monsters and ghouls and horrors attacking the city of London."

Netflix's The Irregulars
Netflix's The Irregulars

Making up the Irregulars are Thaddea Graham (The Letter For the King) as leader Bea, Darci Shaw as her younger sister Jessie, Jojo Macari (Cursed) as their friend Billy, McKell David (Snatch) as Spike, and Harrison Osterfield (Chaos Walking) as newcomer Leopold. 

The Irregulars bursts onto Netflix on March 26.