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WIRE Buzz: Netflix teases Stranger Things LEGOs; BBC, FX team for A Christmas Carol

By Jacob Oller
Stranger Things 3 Eleven and Max

Today’s WIRE Buzz is digging deep into demogorgons, figuring out the lessons that the ghosts of our past want to teach us, and looking deeply into our terrifying future.

But first, we’re going to build some LEGOs. In an ominous tweet, The LEGO Group has teased the possibility of Stranger Things LEGOs that are on their way — told through Morse code and an endlessly ringing phone.

Take a look:

Ring-ring, it’s the future calling. And the future is terrifying. Netflix went ahead and spelled things out for fans in a follow-up tweet that takes the Morse code and translates it better than it was written:

When LEGO explained that “friends don’t lie,” the Stranger Things connection is confirmed. But is it a set...or perhaps a LEGO Star Wars-esque game? We need all the Stranger Things games we can get after the Telltale debacle cost fans two.

Fans only have a bit more to wait for new Stranger Things on July 4.

Next, let’s switch from demons to ghosts. A new version of A Christmas Carol is coming from the BBC and FX, featuring some familiar faces.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Tom Hardy and Scott Free will tackle the Charles Dickens adaptation in a three-part TV special. This is only the first Dickens work the pair will tackle, but one that will give fans of the holiday standard a "unique and original take" on the "spine-tingling immersion into Scrooge's dark night of the soul.” Sounds like writer Steven Knight and director Nick Murphy will be leaning into the horror of it all.

And the cast is star-studded enough to handle anything. Guy Pearce is tackling Scrooge while genre favorites Andy Serkis and Rutger Hauer play the Ghosts of Christmas Past and Christmas Future, respectively. Stephen Graham will play Jacob Marley while Charlotte Riley plays Lottie, Joe Alwyn plays Bob Cratchit, Vinette Robinson plays Mary Cratchit, and Lenny Rush plays poor Tiny Tim Cratchit. What We Do in the Shadows star Kayvan Novak will be playing Ali Baba, popping out of Scrooge’s favorite and heightening the world even more.

The adaptation will likely air with the holiday season, but the unannounced Dickens series will continue to drop adaptations over the next few years.

Finally, Deadline reports that Reddit-born Futurism Studios is releasing its first scripted feature film. 2067, starring Kodi Smit-McPhee and Ryan Kwanten, is a sci-fi mystery directed by Seth Larney about a world devastated by climate change.

Smit-McPhee’s Ethan Whyte is a tunnel worker that “embarks on a journey through time,” potentially to figure out how and why the world got the way it is - and if it’s possible to change it. Kwanten plays Jude Mathers, a character described as Ethan’s “protector and his conscience” while the very existence of Ethan’s father and younger self in the cast list seems to indicate the direction of time travel.

The film plans an international debut in 2020 (about 47 years too soon) with an emphasis on China.