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Neuralyze this! Everything you didn't know about Men in Black: The Series


Last year’s Men in Black International wasn't the first attempt to expand the mythology of the Men in Black movies. After the success of the first Men in Black flick, Kids WB ordered Men in Black: The Series to premiere in the fall of 1997. Like the movie, the animated series took a few elements from Lowell Cunningham's original comic book series, The Men in Black; however, Men in Black: The Series soon made its own mark on the franchise and charted a new course for four seasons.

Executive producer and developer Duane Capizzi has admitted that the first season of Men in Black was relatively rushed. But with the second season, the series began to drastically expand its scope with more inventive designs and stories. The series also ignored the ending of the first film by keeping Agent K firmly entrenched in the MiB instead of sending him off into retirement. Additionally, the designs for K, J, and L were tweaked to avoid running into any likeness issues with the live-action actors.

One of the most memorable additions to the show was Alpha, the original MiB agent who helped found the organization. Alpha grew insane and power hungry over the years, and he infused his body with alien DNA and technology that ultimately made him the series' primary villain. So far, MiB's big-screen villains have yet to match Alpha's inherent threat to our heroes.

Intriguingly, the third season finale was treated like a potential series finale because the show wasn't expected to be renewed. Thankfully, the series earned an additional fourth season to close out its run, though a potential fifth season and spinoff series never quite made it out of the gate.

For reasons that escape us, the entire run of Men in Black: The Series has yet to get a DVD or Blu-ray release. Sony can Neuralyze us all they want, but we won't forget how awesome this series was!

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