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SYFY WIRE Doctor Who

New Doctor Who scripts for free, courtesy of the BBC

By Alexis Sottile
Doctor Who Season 11

Ever fancy yourself a writer for Doctor Who? Or even a writer of extremely good soundalike fan fiction? Well Whovian scribes rejoice, because the BBC's latest raft of free scripts is chock-full of the blueprints for making an excellent Doctor Who episode, and you can download them for free right here in the BBC Writers' Room Script Library. While the new free downloads include episodes from Seasons 9 (Episodes 3 and 4) and 10 (Episode 8), perhaps most exciting is the inclusion of the script for the groundbreaking series premiere of Season 11, "The Woman Who Fell to Earth," which features Jodie Whittaker's debut as the regenerated Thirteenth Doctor.

The BBC routinely offers free script downloads as an educational resource for aspiring screenwriters who want to hone their craft by reading screenplays (a highly recommended way to learn the ropes), and the Doctor Who scripts are not the only ones they offer, nor are the latest Doctor Who scripts the only look-sees into the Time Lord's dialogue and direction.

Bleeding Cool has compiled a handy list of all the Doctor Who episodes now available at the BBC, which go as far back as the Russell T Davies script for David Tennant's Doctor in the episode titled "Smith and Jones" in the third season. The total number of available scripts at present is, fittingly, 13.

The BBC Writers Room also allows for script submissions from aspiring writers, so if you're still sore about there being no Christmas special on Christmas this year, why not write next year's yourself?