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New Show, Who Dis?: Get to know She-Hulk, lawyer and superheroine


One of the biggest things to come out of this summer's D23 Expo was the word that She-Hulk will headline her own TV series on Disney+. After more than 11 years, one of Marvel's biggest heroines is finally heading to the MCU! And as Kevin Feige so succinctly put it, she is both a lawyer and a Hulk.

But who is She-Hulk? For the casual folks who have yet to enter a comic shop, She-Hulk has been a fan favorite for nearly 40 years. She made her debut in 1980 as the star of her own comic, Savage She-Hulk. But long before she was a Hulk, she was Jennifer Walters, a highly successful lawyer and Bruce Banner's cousin. Unfortunately, Jennifer's crusading style made her a target for a local crime boss. Bruce was present during an assassination attempt on Jennifer's life ... and the only way he could save her was via an emergency blood transfusion of his own irradiated plasma.

Unlike Bruce, Jennifer was able to retain most of her personality while in her Hulk persona. In fact, Jennifer preferred to live as She-Hulk even when she could transform back to her human state at will. Jennifer's unique sense of humor also gave her a habit for breaking the Fourth Wall in her own '90s-era comic book series long before Deadpool came along. She-Hulk's legal eagle skills have also served her well; whenever a superhero needs a great lawyer, She-Hulk is usually the first one they call.

She-Hulk has also had numerous stints with the Avengers and a long run with the Fantastic Four when the Thing took an extended hiatus from the group. She was also part of A-Force, an all-female group of Avengers ... and we suspect that history could repeat itself on the big screen.

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