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NYCC 2019: Holy Batman Beyond reunion!


Back in 1999, the team behind Batman: The Animated Series were tasked with creating a "Batman of the Future." The result was a stylish animated series called Batman Beyond. Later this month, Batman Beyond: The Complete Series is hitting Blu-ray with a high-definition remaster. 

To celebrate the anniversary and the upcoming Blu-ray release, series stars Kevin Conroy, Will Friedle, and Lauren Tom, co-creator Alan Burnett, character designer James Tucker, and voice director Andrea Romano hit the SYFY WIRE Live Stage to reminisce about the show. According to Tucker, series co-creator Bruce Timm resisted the mandate to simply place Batman in a new time frame.

"I remember Bruce saying that he didn't want to just do Batman in the future, which was the original pitch that the network gave to Bruce and Alan for the show they wanted," recalled Tucker. "They just wanted Bruce Wayne in the future, and [they] didn't want to do that. So it was about honoring the legacy of what was established in [Batman: The Animated Series] and carrying it forward. Not throwing that out, because you couldn't have Bruce Wayne young in the future. So what's the next step? You get a protege and have Bruce Wayne train him."

While a later episode of Justice League Unlimited revealed that the new Batman, Terry McGinnis, was Bruce Wayne's biological son, Burnett told us that was never his intent. In fact, it's an ongoing disagreement he has with Timm about whether Terry and Bruce should be related at all.

For more Batman Beyond memories, check out the full video!