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SYFY WIRE Wonder Woman

Bond actress Olga Kurylenko opens up about losing the role of DCEU's Wonder Woman

By Josh Weiss
Olga Kurylenko James Bond

With the world of pop culture all in a tizzy over the release of the first trailer for Wonder Woman 1984 this past weekend, The Hollywood Reporter decided to stroll down memory lane with the Diana Prince that could have been. That would be Olga Kurylenko, who was on the shortlist to play the DCEU's Wonder Woman before Gal Gadot bagged the role.

Known for playing Bond Girl Camille Montes in Quantum of Solace and Julia Rusakova Harper in Oblivion, Kurylenko told THR all about her screen test with Ben Affleck, who would go on to play the DCEU's Bruce Wayne/Batman.

"I already knew Ben Affleck because my audition was after I shot To The Wonder with him. So at least I kind of knew the actor," she said. "At the same time, it made it kind of bizarre because we already worked together on something so different and so bizarre ... The audition went like all of them. I had no idea, and anything could’ve happened. This time, it wasn’t a yes, but it’s fine because you can’t get everything in your life. It’s fine; I got Oblivion and Quantum of Solace. I can’t get everything, and it’s absolutely normal."

Olga Kurylenko

Kurylenko also recalled what she was asked to wear during her audition. And while she didn't end up getting the part, she has no hard feelings about it and quite liked the standalone movie from director Patty Jenkins.

"I remember wearing a bathing suit and some leather boots," she continued. "They’re always surreal experiences. It’s funny. I loved the film just so you know. I don’t like every action film, but I liked Wonder Woman. I really enjoyed it."

The Wonder Woman canon is full of what ifs. Adrianne Palicki nearly played the character in a live-action series for NBC before its pilot episode went unaired in the early 2010s. Ironically, Pedro Pascal, who is playing Maxwell Lord in 1984, was going to play Ed Indelicato in the scrapped show. Cary Elwes and Elizabeth Hurley were also attached.

Directed and co-written by Jenkins, Wonder Woman 1984 hits theaters everywhere on June 5, 2020.