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Oliver and the future team head to Russia, Roy Harper returns in the latest Arrow

By Trent Moore
Arrow Oliver and Mia

Thanks to some not-yet-explained time travel shenanigans, Oliver is getting a chance to meet and train his adult children this season — and now the gang is heading into a throwback Russian mission to steal some super-weapon plans.

Spoilers ahead for “Prochnost,” the latest episode of The CW’s Arrow, which aired Tuesday, November 19, 2019.

This week the action is split across two complementary missions: Oliver, Mia, Laurel and William go to Russian to acquire plans for a weapon they think can take on the Monitor; and Diggle recruits Roy back into action to help him steal plutonium to power this super-weapon.

First up, Russia: We get a nice training montage between Oliver and Mia. After an icy start, their relationship seems to be heading in the right direction. To that end, Oliver takes them to Russia on his mission to acquire these mysterious plans for a pulse wave generator they think can take down an inter-dimensional being like the Monitor. Of course, as fans know, Oliver has a long and complicated history with Russia. As expected, it all comes back to haunt him. The quick fight club mission to trade for the plans goes awry when the Bratva show up, and they’re still not big fans of Oliver Queen these days.

Mia gets captured and used as collateral on Oliver, who gives up the plans to save her life (which only makes her resent him more). Oliver is still understandably grappling with the dual concept of the kid he saw in a crib a few months ago is now a fully-grown woman (and is also still in that crib, as if that wasn’t confusing enough). But he finally realizes he has to let Mia fight her own battles, so them team up for a fight club two-fer while Laurel and Oliver’s old pal Anatoli steal the plans. You can’t have a Russia story without Anatoli, and it was great to see him get one last appearance — and on the right side of history this time around.

The Russia mission is complicated even more by Laurel working as a bit of a double agent, propositioned by Lyla to do the Monitor’s bidding to steal the plans before Oliver can get them. After a crisis of faith, a pep talk from Anatoli helps her make the decision not to betray Oliver. Instead, he reveals Lyla’s betrayal to Diggle and Oliver. We still don’t know exactly why Lyla is working with the Monitor, but she obviously has her reasons. The story ends with Lyla having Oliver, Diggle and Laurel knocked out and seemingly captured.

Arrow Roy and Diggle

As for Roy and Diggle: After splitting from Thea because of his blood lust, Roy is living a quite life incognito working as a mechanic. He’s reluctant to return to the world of super-heroing, but after Diggle explains the stakes he returns for One More Mission. Diggle uses the mission as a chance to explain to Roy everything they’ve learned about the future from Mia, William and Connor. He tells Roy that, despite his self-doubt, he really does become a hero in the future, helping lead the young team to save the city decades from now. The trick to keeping his bloodlust in check? Having a team around him to help keep him straight.

So, Diggle hopes they might can shave a few decades off that recovery time and have Roy get back in the saddle now. The offer works, and Roy decides to stick around and help Team Arrow through the looming Crisis. So yes — Roy is back! At least, you know, for a few more episodes until the show ends. Le sigh.

Next week: Oliver is in his memories, another reality, or something else entirely. Whatever’s happening — Capt. Lance is back!