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Return to the realm of Dragar in new Rick and Morty miniseries 'Worlds Apart'

By Jeff Spry
RM Hero

Hurtling deep into the winter of 2021 with a fresh avalanche of insanity is a wild and wacky new Rick and Morty series delivered from Portland-based Oni Press — and SYFY WIRE is offering a sneak peek at the premiere issue which arrives in comic shops on Feb. 3.

Written by Josh Trujillo and accompanied by artwork courtesy of Tony Fleecs and Jarrett Williams, with color duties by Leonardo Ito and letters from Crank!, Rick and Morty: Worlds Apart is based on Season 4 of Adult Swim's riotous animated series, Rick and Morty.


This misadventure miniseries begins with an old fantasyland friend arriving in desperate need of Rick and Morty's assistance.

When Rick declines, it's up to Morty and Grampa Leonard to try and save Balthromaw, guardian of the realm of Dragar, and his horny horde of legendary Slut Dragons who are being threatened by the evil Lady Finndom and her energy-zapping Dragon Drainers. When Fascist Teddy Rick shows up and wrecks Rick's vacation plan in Universe Gr-45580085, no one is safe!

For Trujillo, the moment he saw Balthromaw and his sensual dragon warriors he knew exactly what story he wanted to tell.

"Readers should be excited to meet the dragons' tantalizing, all-new foes!," he explains to SYFY WIRE. "They should also expect to see Rick's greatest experiment ever — and that's saying a lot! It was a huge thrill to work with Tony Fleecs, Jarrett Williams, Crank, and Leonardo Ito! I feel like we made something that lives up the comedy and insanity of the series. Fans won't be disappointed. This first issue has a lot of surprises, and art that will blow people away. I don't think anyone expects what is coming from this wild miniseries."

RM Slice 3

Capturing a heightened sense of surrealism and mania is something artist Tony Fleecs hoped to add to the fun plotline.

"I love when licensed comics take characters you saw for a SPLIT second in a show or movie and then tell a giant story about just that one character," Fleecs tells SYFY WIRE. "I love when tiny characters get to have a whole life outside of the show. We're doing that in this book with not one but TWO beloved 'featured extras' and also there's just a ton of super horny dragons."

Sharing the art duties on this madcap series, Jarrett Williams considers this to be the best project to have during quarantine.

"I've been able to flex some really ambitious comic layouts over this Rick and Morty run," he tells SYFY WIRE. "Josh Trujillo and Tony Fleecs have made this a dream collaborative project too! I hope the fans are super pleased. So much evil Teddy Rick! AND Worlds Apart gave us a chance to literally show a ton of universes within this series! Just wait."

RM Slice 5

Now check out our exclusive five-page preview of Oni Press' Rick and Morty: Worlds Apart #1 in the gallery below, as the Smith family enjoys watching the latest episode of The Masked Surgeon when Grampa Leonard unexpectedly shows up to spend time with Summer and Morty.