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Open your eyes to hidden horrors in Boom! Studios' new The Red Mother #1

By Jeff Spry
Red Mother Slice

Peering into unseen depths of horror, Boom! Studios' upcoming paranormal release, The Red Mother, is looking to blur the line between nightmares and reality this holiday season — and SYFY WIRE is delivering an eye-opening preview of the premiere issue.  

This visionary original comic series hails from celebrated writer Jeremy Haun (The Beauty, The Realm) and artist Danny Luckert (Regression) and chronicles the tragic journey of a young woman stricken by senseless violence, only to be cursed with the prescient ability to see invisible dangers lurking in plain sight and is forced to deal with the unsettling consequences that dark gift provides.

Red Mother 1

The plotline explores the notion that there are threatening things looming just beyond the veil of reality. Horrors that we might sense but cannot quite see due to the human limitations of our awareness... things that might want to enter our realm. After losing her right eye and the man she loves during a brutal attack in a seedy back alley, Daisy McDonough attempts to put the broken pieces of her shattered life back together.

But when she begins to think she can kickstart the process of healing and moving on, she begins to observe horrifying things through her newly installed prosthetic eye. She can see an invisible entity called the Red Mother. And Red Mother can see right back!

Red Mother Slice 2

Haun's work has graced the pages of books like Batwoman, Constantine, Iron Man: Civl War, The Darkness, and many other mainstream titles across the entire comic book spectrum. He's provided content for nearly every genre out there--fantasy, sci-fi, superhero, and crime, but somehow his instincts keep him coming back to horror.

"We all have moments that stick with us," Haun tells SYFY WIRE. "Maybe it's a glance of a shape down a dark alley or a whisper when you know you're alone in a room. What if they weren't just a trick of the eye or just a strange sound? THE RED MOTHER is me taking a look at what truly scares me. I think, just maybe, it might scare you too."

Red Mother Slice 3

The Red Mother #1 appears on Dec. 11 and showcases a ghostly main cover by series writer Jeremy Haun and a hypnotic variant by series artist Danny Luckert, whose self-published zombie graphic novel with co-creator David Pretch, Tethered, became an existential cult classic back in 2015.

“I’m approaching this series the same way I approach most of my work, with a sense of realism and authenticity," Luckert explains to SYFY WIRE. "That said, there is gonna be a lot of wild, horrifying things to draw and I’m looking forward to bringing them all to life. I’m also really excited to able to work on both the inks and colors for this series.”

Now take a peek at our exclusive early-look at this otherworldly new offering from Boom! Studios in the gallery below, then tell us if you're seeing this horror title in your near future.