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Jordan Peele says Christopher Nolan's 'Oppenheimer' is his must-see film of 2023

Jordan Peele is just as ready to see Oppenheimer as we are.

By Matthew Jackson

There are a lot of big films coming our way in 2023, from new superhero adventures to much-anticipated indie releases and other cinematic events. But of course, a new Christopher Nolan movie is its own special kind of event, so much so that even other major filmmakers can't wait to rush to the theater to take in the director's latest spectacle. Just ask Jordan Peele.

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Peele, who's still riding high from the success of his third feature film, Nope (streaming now on Peacock), recently stopped by the Happy Sad Confused podcast to discuss the making of the project with this cinematographer, Hoyte van Hoytema. And since Van Hoytema has also shot four films with Nolan, talk eventually turned to comparisons of the two directors, who are both infamously secretive about their upcoming projects and both directors who command anticipation from genre audiences. 

Naturally, host Josh Horowitz was keen to ask Van Hoytema about Oppenheimer, his latest collaboration with Nolan and one of the year's most anticipated films, but the cinematographer deferred, noting that as of the recording, he still wasn't sure what he was allowed to talk about.

"It is really hard for me to talk about this film, because we simply haven't all together agreed on what we want to say, and what we can't say. So I'm just gonna shut up," Van Hoytema said.

But while Van Hoytema didn't want to talk Oppenheimer and its use of IMAX cameras, Peele definitely did, calling the film something he absolutely can't wait to see.

"I'm so envious I didn't get to be on set for this production," Peele said. "The talent was incredible. I have seen a couple of images from it that just look so beautiful. It's what I'm most excited for next year."

Horowitz also tried to get Van Hoytema to compare the secrecy levels of his two collaborators, but the cinematographer didn't want to choose either Peele or Nolan in the battle of the secretive directors.

"I'm not gonna compare apples to pears, but I think both are very much committed to the cinematic experience, and think that their audiences deserve to...experience their films for the first time," Van Hoytema said.

Peele added, "I think Chris is probably actually more secretive. I think I'm just better at bluffing like I know what the f*** is going on."

Oppenheimer is in theaters July 21.