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SYFY WIRE Orphan Black

Orphan Black continues with Tatiana Maslany audio series 'The Next Chapter'

By Jacob Oller
Orphan Black finale imdb

Orphan Black ended with plenty of closure. The clone-focused sci-fi show about found family, espionage, and Tatiana Maslany’s incredible acting chops blew fans away when it came to a close in 2017 after five seasons. Fans knew that some clone-focused antics were going to return since a new show is in development at AMC sharing the universe of Cosima, Sarah, Alison, and Helena. But now they know that these members of the sisterhood will see their stories continue in a new format: an audio series.

Variety reports that Orphan Black: The Next Chapter, a 10-episode audio series starring Maslany as the various clones, will pick up where the show left — only eight years in the future.

The series finale revealed the list of all the Maslany lookalikes running around in the world, which meant there were almost 300 individuals for Cosima and Delphine to treat against an illness that could potentially ravage the clones. Eight years later, and perhaps their work has made some progress.

Temple Street Productions and Serial Box are teaming up for the new series, which will be offered in both audiobook and text formats. While plot details are scant aside from the time period, Variety says that “#cophine definitely plays a big part in the story” written by showrunner Malka Older and writer Mishell Baker, Lindsay Smith, and Heli Kennedy. Does that mean Évelyne Brochu will return? And are the pair still together? The fandom must know.

The first chapter of the story will be free with the remaining nine costing $1.99 each when Orphan Black: The Next Chapter hits the audio provider later this summer.