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SYFY WIRE Moon Knight

Oscar Isaac on 'Moon Knight' at NYCC: "It's not the last..."

Grant/Spector/Lockley fans should take heart. 

By Brian Silliman
Oscar Isaac Moon Knight MARVEL YOUTUBE

Will Moon Knight return? Season 2 of the streaming Marvel Cinematic Universe series hasn't officially been announced yet, but star Oscar Isaac gave audiences hope at New York Comic Con 2022.

Not only did Isaac play multiple roles in Moon Knight, he's also a part of Star Wars, Dune, and so much more. He got his own spotlight panel at the convention, and SYFY WIRE was there. 

Isaac said that he had a "mind-blowing time" shooting his role as Poe Dameron in the three Star Wars sequels. He admitted that he was hesitant at first, because Dameron was supposed die halfway through The Force Awakens. That obviously changed, as he said, " we all know, Poe went on." 

His children love the movies, but that love isn't necessarily restricted to Dameron. "I have little kids now, two little boys..." he said. "...they love it. They also get bored with it, they like the other characters." He went on to say that he and John Boyega (Finn) "laughed so much" during filming, and then talked about what it was like working with the dearly departed Carrie Fisher. 

When he first met her, "she immediately went into a bunch of her history..." he said, adding that Fisher told him,  "Sorry, I can't do small talk." 

When things turned to comics, Isaac said that he's loved them since he was young. "It's myth. Humans have always explored really complex ideas through myth," he said, going on to say how comic book storytelling can get into more "emotional parallels" and explore things in a "spiritual" context. As he said, the stories are able to explore "different aspects of the human psyche." 

This naturally led to Moon Knight, where the actor plays Steven Grant, Marc Spector, and Jake Lockley.  

"I saw an opportunity to talk about something that is very difficult to talk about," Isaac said in terms of why he was attracted to the role, once again mentioning the human psyche. He was not originally meant to be an executive producer on the series, but he said that he became "obsessed" with it while filming. He was involved with it to the point that having the title made sense. 

Will we see more of Steven/Marc/Jake? Isaac couldn't confirm a second season, but he did say, "It's not the last..."

Based on the in-demand actor's love for the character, fans should be confident that he will return to the MCU in some form. 

"I had so much fun being Steven, I miss Steven," he said. "He's funny, and honest, and authentically himself. I just loved how he was in the world, how he is in the world... without that filter of judgement."

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