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SYFY WIRE Oscars 2020

Oscars 2020: Toy Story 4 nabs second Animated Feature award for Pixar franchise

By Josh Weiss
Toy Story 4

Pixar's Toy Story franchise took home its second Academy Award for Best Animated Feature at the 92nd Oscars this evening. The fourth entry in the iconic, family-friend series beat out some pretty big competitors like How to Train Your Dragon 3: The Hidden World (DreamWorks), Klaus (Netflix), I Lost My Body (Rezo Films), and Missing Link (Laika).

"We are so, so grateful for this honor," said producer Mark Nielsen during his acceptance speech onstage. "We just want to thank The Academy for honoring our film alongside so many beautiful animated films this year. We're just proud to be among them."

"We wanna thank the moviegoing audience so much, especially those that grew up with Toy Story," added director Josh Cooley. "We hope that your adventures with Woody and Buzz made growing up a little bit easier."

Producer Jonas Rivera was present to accept the award as well.

Toy Story 4 finds Woody (Tom Hanks) questioning everything he has believed as a toy after reuniting with the long-lost Bo Peep (Annie Potts). The breakout character of the project is, by far, Tony Hale's Forky — Bonnie's homemade toy who believes he's only meant for the trash.

"Forky is like a newborn," Nielsen told SYFY WIRE over the summer. "He doesn't know anything about life — he doesn't even understand why he's alive or what a toy even is. He makes Woody vocalize what it means to be a toy."

Released in late June of last year, the animated movie went on to make over $1 billion at the box office for Disney. Toy Story 4 was also up for Best Original Song ("I Can't Let You Throw Yourself Away" by the movie's composer, Randy Newman). All four movies in the series have been nominated in this category.

Toy Story 3 previously won Best Animated Feature at the 83rd Academy Awards in 2011. However, it should be noted that this category did not exist when the first two Toy Story films were released in 1995 and 1999, respectively.

Sony's Hair Love, which screened with Angry Birds Movie 2 last summer, took home the Oscar for Best Animated Short. Director Matthew A. Cherry and producer Karen Rupert Toliver took to the stage to accept the award.

“We have a firm belief that representation matters deeply, especially in cartoons,” said Rupert Toliver in her acceptance speech. “Because in cartoons, that’s when we first see our movies and it’s how we shape our lives and think about how we see the world.”