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Owen Wilson is too 'self-conscious' to reveal anything about 'Loki' Season 2

Owen Wilson's been burned by Marvel before.

By Matthew Jackson
Loki Ep 102 Still

When it comes to Marvel Studios, the only thing that's not a secret is just how precious the studio is about secrets. The famously spoiler-averse minds behind the MCU are always keeping certain plot and character details under wraps as long as they possibly can, and sometimes that means struggling against actors who either forget or don't care that there are certain things they're just not supposed to say. 

Which is why if you're looking for Loki Season 2 teases, you probably shouldn't ask Owen Wilson

Speaking to this week to promote his new Paramount+ original film Secret Headquarters, Wilson confirmed that work on Season 2 of Loki, in which he plays TVA Agent Mobius, has begun, reuniting him with series star Tom Hiddleston in the U.K. 

"Yeah, we're doing that. Yeah, Tom [Hiddleston] is great," Wilson said. "Doing Loki, and we're filming that now in London." 

Loki marked Wilson's first foray into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, where Hiddleston has been causing mischief for a decade at this point. Though he didn't spill too many details while promoting the first season of the Disney+ series, Wilson was still introduced to the spoiler guards in place at Marvel Studios. In an interview with Esquire last year, he admitted to getting an "ominous text" from someone at Marvel after he dared to reveal that his character had a mustache in the series. Thanks to warnings like that, he's now avoiding saying just about anything off the cuff, even speculating about what Mobius might be up to in the next round of episodes.

"Well, I do think that... you know, we'll see what happens with this one," Wilson said. "I immediately get kind of self-conscious because they're so kind of uptight."

Secret Headquarters co-director Ariel Schulman, who was part of the same interview, asked Wilson if he really had felt the pressure of scolding from Marvel publicists in the past, and the actor responded that it's already happened "multiple times." And Wilson's not even a famous spoiler risk in the MCU, particularly when compared to the likes of Mark Ruffalo and Chris Pratt. 

No matter how tight-lipped Wilson chooses to be, we'll find out more about Loki Season 2 soon. The show is expected to return to Disney+ next year.

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