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Peacock releases animated Curious George, Cleopatra in Space, Where's Waldo? trailers

By Jacob Oller
Cleopatra in Space hed

Brave New World may be NBCUniversal streaming service Peacock's biggest original genre draw when it launches next month, but that doesn't mean it's not also offering a slate of new content aimed for the younger crowd. Three of those shows — animated and based off of either familiar real-world figures or literary characters — dropped trailers today: Curious George, Cleopatra in Space, and Where's Waldo?

Cleopatra in Space is the only one of these shows that have aired anywhere previously, with the Dreamworks animated show originally premiering on the DreamWorks Channel in Southeast Asian and Pacific Asian countries. Now it's finally bringing its bonkers premise (teen Cleopatra is sucked through a portal to the future and also space, where she must attend a high-tech academy — and she has superpowers) stateside.

Check it out:

Wow. This adapts an equally bananas graphic novel series by Mike Maihack.

Speaking of bananas, Curious George is giving the inquisitive monkey a new series based on the classic character from Margret and H.A. Rey. The semi-educational pre-school program looks to be chomping a bit of Magic School Bus' flavor in its first trailer:

The Man with the Yellow Hat certainly has his hands full.

Finally, those looking to play a little I, Spy will enjoy the first look at a Where's Waldo? series featuring a preteen Waldo in all his red-and-white striped glory as he learns from a wizard voiced by Thomas Lennon. Yes, apparently Waldo learned all his wandering and hiding abilities from an actual wizard. No wonder he was so hard to find.

Take a look:

All three shows drop alongside Peacock on July 15.

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