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Peacock to dodge oncoming traffic with 'fierce and ridiculously fun' Frogger game show

By Josh Weiss

Why did the frog cross the road? To get to the other side, of course! Frogger, the classic, '80s-era video game in which players attempt to guide a lonely frog across a busy highway and other dangers, is coming to a game show on NBC's Peacock.

The NBC-owned streaming service has partnered up with Eureka Productions (Name That Tune, The Amazing Race) in order to adapt the beloved Konami title into a "a fierce and ridiculously fun competition [series of] twelve outrageous obstacle courses" that the official release describes as "crossings."

The synopsis continues: "These physically demanding challenges will see contestants dodge treacherous traffic, leap over snapping gators, and hop over hungry hippos to conquer the course." Taking on the role of the game's amphibian, contestants from around the country must employ skill, strength, strategy, and problem-solving to reach the river on the other side. In this case, the river is a metaphor for a sizable cash prize. Thirteen, hour-long episodes of the new series have already been ordered. To apply to be a potential contestant, click here.

Frogger is one of the most enduring video game franchises, spanning over 30 titles across numerous platforms since it first debuted in 1981. It got an extra pop culture boost in a 1998 episode of Seinfeld in which George Constanza (played by Jason Alexander) attempts to maintain his childhood high score at all costs.