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SYFY WIRE Pet Sematary

Real-life Pet Sematary cats become social media influencers via Instagram accounts

By James Comtois
Pet Sematary cat, Church

Everyone’s a star or an influencer thanks to social media these days. Even if – or especially if, in this case – you’ve got four legs and are covered in fur. Starring in a new horror film adapted from a Stephen King novel doesn't hurt, either. 

Two of the four (that’s right, four) cats who played Church in Dennis Widmyer and Kevin Kolsch’s latest film adaptation of King’s Pet Sematary have Instagram accounts. And the results are about as silly and adorable as you would imagine. 

Not surprisingly, the Insta accounts for the two cats, Tonic and Leo are currently in overdrive promoting their film, which opened on Friday and is in theatres now. 





Hey, this wouldn’t be the first time a cat had to work it to promote their latest horror-themed project.  

No word on if we can expect social media presences from the other two cats who played Church, Jaeger and JD, but we suspect they may have been distracted by a sunbeam and are now sleeping on the job.