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Podcast: SYFY WIRE at ECCC 2019 Day 3 - Stranger Things, Critical Role, and more

ECCC 2019 Saturday March 16

SYFY WIRE From the Con showcases SYFY WIRE's con coverage from across the country. And this week we're in Seattle for Emerald City Comic Con 2019!

We did a lot of stuff and talked to a lot of people on Day 3 (Saturday, March 16). Here's some of our best coverage from the ECCC Live Stage.

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ECCC Live Stage
She-Ra and the Princesses of Power Creator Noelle Stevenson
Saddle up Swift Wind because we're going one-on-one with the woman behind Netflix's hit She-Ra relaunch.

ECCC Live Stage
Paul Tobin & Colleen Coover Talk Wrassle Castle
The creative team behind Wrassle Castle takes us inside the tale of a young wrestler on a quest to save her brother.

ECCC Live Stage
Creating D&D Comics With Rick and Morty and More
Two of the biggest names from the D&D comic line discuss what it's like tackling the iconic fantasy franchise.

ECCC Live Stage
Minecraft Creative Team Talk Graphic Novel
Writer Sfé Monster and artist Sarah Graley talk about bringing the blockbuster video game Minecraft into the world of comics.

ECCC Live Stage
X-Men Roundtable with Todd Nauck, Lonnie Nadler and Zac Thompson
Three creators from the world of X-Men discuss what it's like working on the iconic mutant superhero franchise.

ECCC Live Stage
Skybound Previews Teen Robot Book The Obsoletes
Writer Simeon Mills discusses his new coming-of-age robot tale from Robert Kirkman's Skybound.

ECCC Live Stage
Fun With Funko! Inside Everyone's Favorite Figures
Are you ready to "pop"? We're sitting down with Funko, makers of the omnipresent figures that have become a staple on shelves worldwide.

ECCC Live Stage
Pia Guerra in SYFY WIRE's Behind the Panel
Y: The Last Man co-creator Pia Guerra discusses her career in comics and her book We the People, which features an assortment of her editorial cartoons.

ECCC Live Stage
Megan Rose Gedris Talks Spectacle
We're chatting with the writer of Spectacle, a supernatural, body-sharing, mind-reading murder mystery.

ECCC Live Stage
Critical Role Cast Live!
Join the cast of Critical Role as they chat about what's coming up... and tease something you'll definitely want to see.

ECCC Live Stage
Naomi Co-Creator David Walker
The co-creator of Brian Michael Bendis' latest in the Wonder line imagines a city without superheroes.

ECCC Live Stage
Katherine Barrell and Dominique Provost-Chalkley on Wynonna Earp
Two of the cast from SYFY's superhero western appear on the Live Stage to discuss all things Wynonna Earp.

ECCC Live Stage
Inside the Stranger Things Books
The authors and editors step out of the Upside Down to chat about translating the hit Netflix show into book form.

ECCC Live Stage
Terry Brooks: Conversation With a Fantasy Legend
The New York Times bestselling author of the Shannara series discusses his fantasy-focused career.

ECCC Live Stage
Dylan Meconis & Ben Coleman on The Long Con
The creators of The Long Con discuss their world where a cataclysmic event destroyed everything around the world's largest comic con.

ECCC Live Stage
Little Girls Graphic Novel Creators
Creators Sarah deLaine and Nicholas Aflleje discuss their new graphic novel in which two adolescents head to East Africa where an ancient horror awaits.

ECCC Live Stage
Stranger Things Cast
The cast of the hit television show takes the stage to discuss their roles and what the future may bring.