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SYFY WIRE Pokemon Detective Pikachu

WIRE Buzz: Detective Pikachu coming to Pokemon GO; Beauty and the Beast going back to Broadway; more

By Christian Long
Pokemon Detective Pikachu

The mobile game Pokemon GO is getting some Detective Pikachu-inspired content.

Starting tomorrow, May 7 through May 17, several Pokemon that feature prominently in the film will appear more frequently in the wild, including Psyduck, Jigglypuff, Bulbasaur, Snubbull, and Aipom. More importantly, you can snag a Pikachu wearing his detective cap, but only while he's photobombing during the GO Snapshot feature.

This 10-day window will also double the XP for all captured Pokemon, and the Field Research will take on a look inspired by the upcoming film. Although what that entails isn't entirely clear just yet.

You can get the Pokemon GO update tomorrow, while Detective Pikachu will roll into theaters this weekend.

(via ScreenRant)

Beauty and the Beast on Broadway

Next up, Beauty and the Beast is headed back to Broadway, with some key changes to the story in tow.

In an interview with The Disney Blog, Disney Theatrical chief Thomas Schumacher said that the rebooted musical is a collaboration between some of the musical's original creators, but won't be the same show that first took the stage 25 years ago.

"We’re working on a revival of it with the entire original team but with a completely new design for every element: new dance arrangements, whole new staging ideas," Schumacher explained. "It’s really fun for that team to be able to dive back in."

Beauty and the Beast first ran from 1994-2007 and became the 10th longest-running musical in Broadway history. Given the success of Disney's live-action remake in 2017, bringing back the acclaimed stage show seemed almost inevitable.

(via The Disney Blog)

Finally, the supernatural drama Above the Shadows has found a home at Gravitas Ventures.

The film, which previously went under the title Shadow Girl, stars Olivia Thirlby as a girl who's faded from existence — literally — to the point she's become invisible. She meets a disgraced MMA fighter, played by Alan Ritchson, only to realize she inevitably played a role in his downfall years earlier.

Claudia Myers wrote and directed the film, which also stars Jim Gaffigan, Maria Dizzia, Tito Ortiz, David Johansen, and Megan Fox. Above the Shadows will have a limited theatrical release on July 19, and will be available on VOD the same day.

(via Deadline)