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Cullen Bunn and Andy MacDonald head to hell in sci-fi horror series, Rogue Planet

By Jeff Spry
Rogue Hero

Portland-based Oni Press is venturing into pulpy territory with its upcoming sci-fi horror series, Rogue Planet, and it's fueling the title's prospects by harnessing the potent creative talents of Eisner-nominated writer Cullen Bunn (Harrow County, Dark Ark, Monsters Unleashed) and celebrated artist Andy MacDonald (Batman, Voltron, Justice League).

Falling into our orbit on Apr. 1, Rogue Planet is an old-fashioned throwback to wild science fiction sagas of yesteryear, punctuated with unbridled storytelling and bold, imaginative artwork. Given Bunn's considerable affections for the horror genre with previous offerings like Death Follows, The Unsound, and Bone Parish, readers should prepare to strap in for a chilling rendezvous on the surface of a nightmarish world drifting in the cold cosmic void.

Rogue 1

The plotline follows the noble crew of the salvage vessel Cortes as they track down the Lonely Orphan, a mysterious untethered planet with no star system to call its home. Somewhere on this hostile rock is a valuable payload too rich to ignore. But to acquire it, members of the Cortes must brave razor-sharp terrain, noxious vapors, perilous footing, and the most terrifying horrors imaginable.

Something unmentionable exists on Lonely Orphan. Something cruel and hungry. 

Rogue Slice 1

This petrifying project is something that's been simmering in Bunn's fertile brain for years, and he recalls the exact moment inspiration struck, as he was having coffee with his buddy and frequent collaborator Brian Hurtt at Portland's Powell's Books, allowing him to realize the immeasurable story possibilities.

Rogue Slice 2

"Rogue Planet is an unapologetic love letter to the sci-fi horror movies that helped to shape my understanding of the genre," Bunn tells SYFY WIRE. "I’m talking about Alien and The Thing and Event Horizon and Pitch Black. From that humble starting point, I wanted to build a new kind of terror, something that really digs deep into the fears each and every one of us have.

"The horrors that the space explorers encounter in Rogue Planet are vicious and cruel and their origins will be shocking and unexpected," he adds. "This is a story of cosmic dread and survival horror manifesting in fleshy, writhing, lashing, slashing, biting nastiness."

Rogue Slice 3

Hop into our four-page peek into the horrors of Rogue Planet #1 below, then tell us if this alarmingly addictive early look stirs your desire to grab the first issue when it lands in comic shops Apr. 1.