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SYFY WIRE Quantum Leap

'Quantum Leap' and 'La Brea' set 2023 midseason return dates as winter break looms

Two of NBC's biggest genre projects are about to take a break, but they'll be back soon.

By Matthew Jackson
La Brea First Look

Yesterday, NBC freshman sci-fi series Quantum Leap aired its first midseason finale, signaling the beginning of winter break for a lot of viewers as the holiday season looms and much of the traditional broadcast TV season takes a little hiatus in the lead-up to 2023. Fortunately, in some cases, we already know when we'll see these shows again, including two of the biggest genre series on broadcast TV.

Quantum Leap is now off the air after Monday's episode in which Ben worked to save a troubled kid and his friends after they escaped from under the thumb of their abusive school, and the episodes left plenty of meaty questions in the overarching mythology of the series for the back half of Season 1 to answer. Unfortunately, we'll have to wait until after the holidays for the second half of the season to arrive. NBC has revealed, according to Variety, that Quantum Leap will return just after 2022 rolls over into 2023, with new episodes resuming on Monday, Jan. 2. 

Then there's La Brea, the sophomore series about a group of people navigating a mysterious other world. The midseason finale of that series, which will follow the Harris family fight to stop those pesky sinkholes, will air a week from today, on Nov. 15, setting the stage for a holiday break of more than two full months for the adventure. When it finally does return, though, La Brea will arrive with a super-sized midseason premiere, delivering back-to-back episodes on Tuesday, Jan. 31.

Of course, if you haven't watched either of these shows yet, or you're looking for a chance to catch up, the midseason break represents a golden opportunity. Both Quantum Leap and La Brea are streaming on Peacock, so you can spend your holidays bingeing a couple of sci-fi adventures while everyone else fights over the last turkey leg.