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'Resident Alien' Season 2: Sara Tomko on the 'spaghetti triangle' between Ben, Kate, and D'Arcy

It's not just aliens causing drama in the town of Patience, Colorado.

By Josh Weiss
Resident Alien star Sara Tomko talks Ben and D’Arcy’s relationship in Season 2

Extraterrestrial visitors aren't the only things causing emotional drama in the town of Patience, Colorado. The first half of Resident Alien's second season ended with a confrontation between Mayor Ben Hawthorne (Levi Fiehler) and his wife, Kate (Meredith Garretson), when the latter learns about Ben's reluctant kiss with D'Arcy Bloom (Alice Wetterlund) in Season 1. Jackie Jennings, co-host of the official Resident Alien After-Show coined the phrase "spaghetti triangle" as a way to describe what's going on between the three characters.

"I love that Kate is not mad about the kiss," explained co-star Sara Tomko (Asta), who is best friends with Garretson in real life, to SYFY WIRE. "She's more upset that she just wasn't told. I think that that's a really interesting plot line. Most of the time when there's cheating or something, there's just this drama that comes with, 'I can't believe you did that!' vs. 'I can't believe you just didn't talk to me about that. It's not that big a deal. If it doesn't mean anything to you, then why couldn't you talk to me about it?' I think that Meredith ... is so smart in how she plays such a layered character."

The misunderstanding with D'Arcy, on the other hand, exemplifies the "messiness of the fun-loving bartender," Tomko concluded. "It continues to show that she's looking for love in all the wrong places."

According to Wetterlund, her character started off as "very bubbly and very soft." When she came aboard, however, she worked with showrunner/executive producer Chris Sheridan to bring a "punk rock, take no prisoners" attitude to the role. 

"We knew that she needed to have fallen from grace and we decided to just go with the backdrop the ski town provided and say she literally fell from grace off of that damn mountain," the actress told us ahead of the first season, referring to D'Arcy's failed athletic career as an Olympic skier. "It feels like the town itself kind of breeds this story. It’s not like Telluride, people get stuck in this ski town. It’s kind of a second-rate ski town and you don’t really have a great life if you end up there."

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New episodes of Resident Alien Season 2 are set to land this summer on SYFY.