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SYFY WIRE Resident Alien

Recap: Harry makes a big choice & chilling secrets revealed in 'Resident Alien' Season 2 finale

Nothing will ever be the same after THAT ending!

By Josh Weiss
RESIDENT ALIEN Season 2 Episode 16

Well, here we are, folks. After eight weeks of laughter, tears, and nail-biting tension, we've finally reached the end of the back half of Resident Alien's second season. And what an insane finale it was, right?! Something tells us that final image — more on this topic below — will be sticking in our minds for months to come. That's both a blessing and a curse.

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There's plenty to ruminate on as fans await the confirmed third season, which could hit our screens as early as next year (we don't have an official release date just yet, but fingers crossed). In any case, showrunner Chris Sheridan and his talented team of writers and actors found a way to beautifully wrap up Season 2's biggest storylines, while still leaving the door open for plenty of future shenanigans. Choices were made, secrets were revealed, and the indomitable nature of the human spirit prevailed in the end.

Let's get into into it...


In an unexpected deviation from previous episodes, the finale begins with an onscreen testimonial from Dark Horse founder and CEO, Mike Richardson, who serves as an executive producer on the hit series. When he was growing up in a suburb of Portland, Richardson and his friend, Duke, saw a strange disc hovering in the sky. This is the first of several interviews with real-world UFO experiencers that are peppered throughout the episode, which culminates with Deputy Liv's fictional account of seeing a UFO as a child.

Then, after all these weeks, we finally get to hear the rest of Goliath's message! The Greys are here to take over the Earth, yes, but the method by which they plan to accomplish that goal is via the application of alien/human hybrids more suited to our planet's atmosphere.

Goliath (David Bianchi) also tells Harry (Alan Tudyk) not to murder General McCallister (Linda Hamilton), who may actually prove to be a useful ally in the coming battle. Luckily, Doctor V. got the message in time and refrained from killing McCallister during his and Peter Bach's infiltration of the secret base in last week's adventure. After such a major breach, however, the General and her people move to another black site facility.

Harry has also fully accepted his role as a parent, nurturing the baby alien — ultimately dubbed "Bridget" — with a milking bra. Yes, you read that correctly. The doctor has also decided to adopt Robert Bach (Paul Piaskowski), though the son of the Alien Tracker (Terry O'Quinn) angrily points out that he's almost 30 and doesn't need a new father. He plans to set off on his own, gifted with the alien ball that will prolong his life and keep him from harm.

Harry later heads down to the diner for some delicious pie when Joseph (Enver Gjokaj) shows up, warning him to get the hell out of dodge while the going is still good. The Greys are taking over whether he likes it or not and an escape pod to his home planet has been arranged. Harry initially agrees to this arrangement and begins saying his goodbyes to his Patience buddies, though Max (Judah Prehn) knows better than to take the faux physician at his word. Harry's become too attached to this world and is pretty much a human at this point. Realizing he can't just abandon the people he loves, Harry sends Bridget off in the escape pod and remains behind to finish the mission.

After his close encounter with death in last week's car accident, Mayor Ben Hawthorne (Levi Fiehler) has decided not to move forward on the resort idea. He explains that he was so preoccupied with trying to get Patience away from its murderous reputation, that he lost sight of what made the town so special in the first place This comes as a shock to Sheriff Mike Thompson (Corey Reynolds), who is pacified with the promise of an additional deputy and a Hot Wheels car. While this should put a rest to Ben's restless nights, it seems that he's still sleep walking. More on that later...

Still worried about the fate of Peter Bach, Deputy Liv (Elizabeth Bowen) continues looking into the matter. She refuses to believe the media's assertion that Bach perished in a car crash and steals the Alien Tracker's van, which mysteriously showed back up in Patience. Mike attempts to dissuade her off the matter, but Liv, sick and tired of being told she's crazy, finally stands up for herself and lands the sheriff on her side. Mike becomes convinced that something shady is going on when two individuals claiming to be cops show up asking questions about the missing van. He's not quite ready to say it's aliens, but one step at a time. Ironically, Mike's new deputy turns out to be...Joseph!

Meanwhile, D'Arcy (Alice Wetterlund) heads over to Dan's house to pick up some personal items and happens upon irrefutable proof that Harry murdered Sam Hodges. When she goes to confront Asta (Sara Tomko) about it, she is brought into the secret of Harry's true identity as an alien. D'Arcy is surprisingly cool about this and completely understands why her best friend was forced to lie all this time. As an added bonus, Asta gets a fresh chance to reconnect with Jay (Kaylayla Raine) when her daughter seeks out Asta's advice on a winter formal dress.

Knowing that a proactive stance must be taken against The Greys before it's too late, Harry alerts the government to his location and is escorted — in chains — to the General's new underground facility. Harry, we think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship. The finale ends at a lonely bus stop where Robert once again finds himself abducted by The Greys. Inside the ship, he's restrained next to someone else...Ben! That would have been a good enough twist on its own, but no — The Grey leader (once again voiced by George Takei) throws us another chilling curveball: Ben and Kate's unborn child is also on board. They were pregnant after all.


The complete first two seasons of Resident Alien will be available to stream on the SYFY app and Peacock starting tomorrow — Thursday, Sep. 29.