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SYFY WIRE Resident Alien

‘Resident Alien’ star teases Season 3 is ‘best yet’ as filming wraps on SYFY series

More aliens. More laughs. Coming soon-ish to SYFY.

By Trent Moore
Resident Alien Season 2 Episode 13

The latest round of adventures in Patience, Colorado is calling it a wrap. Filming has reportedly finished up on Season 3 of SYFY’s Resident Alien, with star Sara Tomko taking to Instagram to say goodbye for the season. 

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Tomko, who plays Asta Twelvetrees alongside Alan Tudyk’s Harry Vanderspeigle on the sci-fi comedy, teased big things to come for her character in Year 3 of the series now that it's all in the can. There’s no exact word on when Season 3 will make its debut on SYFY, but it’s expected to premiere later this year.

“I am so, so grateful. This season taught me so much,” Tomko wrote on Instagram. “Asta (and Sara) had some real growing pains remedied with so much laughter. It’s our best yet. Just you wait and see. Coming to a living room near you later this year.”

Check out Tomko’s Instagram post below:

Considering the first two seasons of Resident Alien were pretty great, teasing this’ll be the “best yet” is some high praise. They’ve done a lot of work establishing this world and these characters, and the new season looks poised to go deeper than ever into the mythology (and apparently, the laughs).

The second season of Resident Alien ended with a laundry list of cliffhangers and big reveals, with Harry poised to team up with Linda Hamilton’s General McCallister in an effort to stop a looming alien invasion threat from a different race even more dangerous than Harry’s people. It was also revealed that some residents of Patience have been abducted and studied by aliens for years — and there’s no telling how that will play out in Season 3. Not to mention, will we see the alien baby again?

"Harry splits away from his people at the end of Season 2, which is a big thing going into Season 3," showrunner Chris Sheridan told SYFY WIRE at the end of Season 2. "But he does that thing that parents who really love their kids do, which is no matter how much he loves his kid, he knows he's got to let his kid go away in order to protect it. So that's a big move for him, that he's willing to go to that extent to save his baby. I would say that baby is too cute to not have back on the show again. I think it's safe to say that that baby will probably come back in Season 3."

The 8-episode third season of Resident Alien is set to premiere later this year. If you need to catch up on the first two seasons of Resident Alien, they’re both streaming now on Peacock.

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