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Revisiting Apollo 11 Episode 5: 'Contingency'

By Karama Horne & Phil Plait
Apollo 11

Welcome to Revisiting Apollo 11, SYFY WIRE's podcast series covering five stories from the Apollo 11 mission that have been overshadowed by the gargantuan accomplishment of landing on the moon. These tales are finally being told with the help of the Bad Astronomer himself, Phil Plait, and host Karama Horne.

In this fifth episode, Karama introduces a speech read by guest Dany Roth that President Richard Nixon would have read in the event of a moon disaster and the astronauts did not make it back to earth. Thankfully, Nixon never had to read it, but the remarkable words still hauntingly capture what was at stake when we sent three men to the moon. Listen below.

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