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First look: Rick and Morty comics live on as they 'Go to Hell' and face 'Council of Ricks'

By Ernie Estrella
Rick and Morty: Council of Ricks Hero

Those eagerly waiting for the second half of Rick and Morty's fourth season to air on Adult Swim can watch the Super Bowl for a 30-second Pringles ad. But perhaps a more satisfying way to fill the void is the comics being published through Oni Press, which have been the sweet salve to soothe those starving for more interdimensional madness from Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon. The ongoing series, which has featured a variety of award-winning creators throughout the years, is ending with 60 issues (in addition to one-shots and Free Comic Book Day specials) this month, but surely the stories will not end there, right?

Like a Fibonacci sequence, it will never end! Well, at the least Oni will make it seem like the comics will not end or skip a beat. In fact, Oni is announcing through SYFY WIRE the launch of two new Rick and Morty projects in April, and we've got an exclusive look at some of the covers that fans can chase down.

The first one is the five-issue miniseries Rick and Morty: Go to Hell, which is written by Ryan Ferrier and drawn by Constanza Oroza. It's as literal as the title suggests, as the devilish duo head to damnation for all of eternity. As usual, Rick finds a way out but drags Morty through the demonic torture and what Oni describes as a "horrific adventure to speak to ... the manager."

Rick and Morty: Go to Hell Web Variant

"Getting to wreak havoc in the Rick and Morty sandbox was a total thrill, so the chance to return to the franchise and stay a little longer to tell this story with such a phenomenal, equally twisted team is precisely why I take such great pleasure in making weird, irreverent, and most importantly, funny comics," Ferrier exclusively told SYFY WIRE.

"Mad science fiction and devil business are two of my favorite things, and we're taking extreme joy in throwing these characters into the figurative and literal fires. Rick and Morty are going to Hell, and we're taking you down with us!

Two covers drawn by Brian Smith (see directly below) will be available, and an insane variant limited to 1,000 copies by Zé Burnay (above) will only be available through Oni's website in the "Exclusive Editions" section of their store. 

Rick and Morty: Go to Hell Cover A
Rick and Morty: Go to Hell Cover B

In the second announcement, Rick and Morty: Council of Ricks is a one-shot in a series of one-shots, written by Jake Goldman, drawn by Philip Murphy with covers by Julia Scott, and it sounds like a brilliant bit of a convoluted Rick and Morty brand of chaos as Rick Prime is hired by Prime Rickminister to figure out who has been making and is behind the counterfeit Ricks and is selling them to planets of rich idiots who are in need of a genius.

Five of the counterfeit Ricks have escaped and are making their way to the Citadel where a "gaggle of Jerrys" hides in its subsections. In this stand-alone story, Rick Prime must assemble a team (or a council) to help him track down the fake Ricks and dispose of them in Rick's trademark violent fashion.  The one-off format has some great potential for absolute mayhem to ensue. Checkout the two covers for the first issue below.

Rick and Morty: Council of Ricks Cover A
Rick and Morty: Council of Ricks Cover B

Rick and Morty: Council of Ricks will be available April 15, and Rick and Morty: Go to Hell will be available April 29.  Readers can preorder both through their local comic shop, starting tomorrow.