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Rooster Teeth boots up RWBY and Red vs. Blue previews during Comic-Con@Home

By Justin Carter
RvB Zero

Ready your sniper scythes and get in your Pumas, Rooster Teeth fans. 

The Austin-based company responsible for Achievement Hunter, RWBYand more held a stream of their own for Comic-Con@Home. As expected, the team at Rooster Teeth is hard at work on many animated ventures, and the assembled crew were more than happy to reveal what's in store for the remainder of the year — so get ready for Red vs. Blue, Recorded by Arizal, and more RWBY.

First up was the OG series, Red vs. Blue. The upcoming 18th season, dubbed Red vs. Blue: Zero, is set after season 17’s Singularity and stars a whole new cast of characters, as the Reds and Blues have retired. Achievement Hunter’s Fiona Nova plays the new lead character, Agent One, a member of a new squad of misfits soldiers having new adventures. Showrunner Torrian Crawford revealed that the internal word for the show was “Hype: how do we make it hype? How does it look hype?” He also added that the production crew definitely wants to embrace the show's legacy and make something really cool that fans will hopefully enjoy. "All of the lore, all of the legacy is still intact," he said. "It still means something... these are just new guys that are doing their thing."

For those who've maybe wanted to get into the show, this will hopefully serve as an entry point. To quote a yellow-armored soldier in the trailer: this time, things'll be different. 

Following RvB, we got more information about their recently released series, Recorded by Arizal. As a vlog series currently split into a four-part prelude, the show stars a teenage girl named Arizal who wants to become a Record Keeper, historians who travel the world collecting information. According to series creator Yssa Badiola, Arizal was influenced largely by YouTube vlogs like “The Lizzie Bennett Diaries,” plus vloggers like lonelygirl15 and Jenna Marbles. In setting rules for herself, she decided that the show had to “short, animated, and you had to think about how limited the world was,” and as a fan of vlogs, she eventually settled on that format. Making the show was “a long journey” since she first pitched the series in 2017, but she kept asking about making the show over the years. The audience response has been nothing but positive, and to that, Badiola was grateful, thanking everyone for "giving me a platform, and for letting Recorded by Arizal exist!” 


And finally, there was talk about the eighth season of their fantasy anime series RWBY (pronounced ‘ruby’). Barbara Dunkelman, the voice of Yang, said that the upcoming season’s theme will be "distrust." It makes sense, since the previous season ended with Team RWBY and friends’ alliance with Atlas’ General Ironwood shattered — just as the show’s chief villain Salem showed up with a legion of Grimm under her command.  

Showrunner Kerry Shawcross was quick to note that the writing staff has already gotten hard at work on Season 9, something he attributes to having more writers and episode directors to share the workload.

The gathered members of the RT staff played clips for each show, but if you were looking for concrete release dates, you’re out of luck. Red vs. Blue: Zero is said to release this fall, while Arizal will end its run of shorts next week, and it’s not clear when the full-length series will begin. RWBY, according to Shawcross, will also debut sometime this fall as well, presumably after RvB: Zero wraps. They promise more information in the coming weeks.  

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