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Comic-Con@Home: Roswell, New Mexico S3 promises OG surprises, romance and alien flashbacks

By Tara Bennett
Roswell New Mexico Season 3

It’s been a year and a half since the Season 2 finale of The CW’s Roswell, New Mexico and it’s left the fandom pent up for answers after that big cliffhanger.

The series is back for Season 3 on Monday July 26 at 8pm on The CW, but if you can’t stand the wait any longer showrunner Chris Hollier, and the entire main cast came together to reveal plenty about what’s to come for the aliens and humans out in the desert. 

For the spoiler adverse, Hollier offered the following enigmatic clues for Season 3: “Radios. Bats. Love. Little alien figures. Counting Crows, And a little bit of hope.”

Watch the full panel below:

And in an exclusive sneak peek of the Season 3 premiere, the action picks up right where the Season 2 finale left off with Max Evans (Nathan Dean), Isobel Evans (Lily Cowles), and Michael Guerin (ichael Vlamis) confronting the very bearded fellow behind the glass door. The mystery man calls himself, Jones, and touches Max with a very red glowing hand, then gets zapped away. A befuddled Max says, “He’s the savior and I’m the clone.”

Hollier said that when it comes to the extraterrestrial stories this season, there will be a flash to the alien’s home planet. “It will fill in some of the pockets of why our heroes end up here,” he teased. “We also have some ‘40s and ‘60s flashbacks.”

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He also said fans of the OG Roswell, New Mexico series should keep their eyes open for more cameos or references to that series in Season 3. But he wants observant fans to pluck out when and where they might appear. 

In case you're unaware, the big reason the series has been off the air for so long is because of COVID and the impact on production. Because of the safety limitations, Hollier said fans should expect a very cast-focused Season 3 because they weren’t able to add many guest stars, or fold in more characters. “We said it was like our "Shakespeare in the Park" season," the EP joked about those legendary contained live performances held in NYC every summer. "So we lean into our cast.”


And what about the romance on the series—specifically the kissing—which is a big part of the primary storylines amongst all of the main cast? Hollier admitted lip-locking in general was very problematic due to COVID, but to fear not romantics! “There is a lot of romance because we found creative ways to keep it alive.”

And for all those “Maleck” shippers out there who were heartbroken by Alex (Tyler Blackburn) kissing Forest, who isn’t Guerin (Vlamis), in the Season 2 finale, the actors think you should still have hope in Season 3. 

“I believe in them and am hopeful for it,” Vlamis said about the now split relationship. “But Guerin is more hopeful, and fans should be as hopeful as him.” 

Blackburn confirmed that Alex and Forest are dating at the start of Season 3 and said it’s important for Alex to have that. “Guerin was intense in good and bad ways,” the actor added. “They both need space.”

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