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SYFY WIRE Super Bowl

Ryan Reynolds took on his strangest role yet as an indecisive Grimace in McDonald's Big Game spot

What can we say? The man loves his Big Macs.

By Josh Weiss
Ryan Reynolds Grimace GETTY YT

Ryan Reynolds was not only present for the Super Bowl in Los Angeles on Sunday, but he also appeared in one of its commercials. And no, we're not talking about Netflix's teaser trailer for The Adam Project. Interacting with the McDonald's Twitter account via his Aviation Gin handle, the Deadpool and Free Guy star revealed that he provided the voice of an indecisive Grimace in the global franchise's Big Game spot, which aired just prior to the football match between the Cincinnati Bengals and the Los Angeles Rams.

"Uhhh… the voice of Grimace sounds oddly familiar. Did @McDonalds hire a certain Canadian drink-slinging McRiblet?" tweeted the alcohol brand in response to the commercial. Reynolds himself subtweeted that, writing: "Yes. Confirmed. It's called range." McDonald's kept the joke going by asking Reynolds, "Where do u keep ur grimace suit?"

The ad — which also featured appearances from rapper Kanye West, Twitch streamer Edwin Castro, and NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace — pokes fun at the universal "uhhhh" sound we all make when trying to decide what we want to order from a fast food joint.

“You get to the front of the line in one of our restaurants or pull up to the drive thru… you hear a friendly, ‘May I take your order?’ And suddenly, you freeze," Jennifer Healan, VP of U.S. marketing, brand content and engagement at McDonald’s said during an interview with Adweek. "Do you go with your tried-and-true Big Mac? Or your other all-time favorite, Chicken McNuggets? The inevitable result is, ‘Can I get uhhhhhhhhh …’ which is the central theme here.”  

Touching on why the company decided to purchase air time before the game had even started, Healan explained: "The pregame is a very special place to be. Again, it’s that real moment of anticipation. Everyone’s gathering around. There’s been all this hype about Super Bowl Sunday. It’s fun to kick off the game, and to have our brand celebrating with the fans who are watching.”

Check out the commercial and Twitter exchange below: