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Ryan Reynolds wrote a Deadpool Christmas movie that we'll probably never get to see

The Merc with a Mouth's holiday adventure was killed by the Disney-Fox merger.

By Matthew Jackson
Deadpool YT

In 2016 Deadpool rose to become one of the year's highest-grossing films, and even managed to rise to box office heights few R-rated films had ever hoped to reach before. It made perfect sense when Fox greenlit a sequel, 2018's Deadpool 2, but there was almost even more Merc with a Mouth fun at the studio. And no, we don't just mean Deadpool 3

The third Deadpool film is finally on track over at The Walt Disney Company, where star Ryan Reynolds is set to return alongside Hugh Jackman, who will come out of retirement as Wolverine to co-star with his pal in the effort. That film has been through a bit of a bumpy road thanks to Disney's purchase of Fox, a move which threw numerous projects into a strange limbo. But speaking to Big Issue to promote his new film Spirited, Reynolds revealed that Deadpool 3 delays weren't the only thing that happened to Wade Wilson when he changed studios.

"I would love to see a song and dance number in a Deadpool movie," Reynolds said. "Four years ago [Deadpool co-writers] Rhett Reese, Paul Wernick and I wrote a Christmas movie starring Deadpool. But it got lost in the shuffle of Disney acquiring Fox and it never got made.

"Maybe one day we'll get to make that movie. It's not a musical, but it's a full Deadpool Christmas movie. So one day."

Reynolds didn't reveal any other details about the would-be Christmas film, but it's interesting to note that the project would have started to come together right around the time of Deadpool 2, when it seemed like we'd be getting all manner of Deadpool-related follow-up projects over at Fox. All that changed when Disney swooped in and bought Fox's entertainment divisions, and for a while it seemed like even Deadpool 3 was a bit of a question mark. Now that film is on track, but it's not clear if we'll ever see a fourth film from Reynolds' version of the character. 

Still, there's reason to hope. Deadpool is still a very popular character, the addition of Jackman seems to ensure Deadpool 3 will climb high at the box office, and Marvel Studios is poised to release its first Christmas programming with the Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special later this month. Maybe A Very Deadpool Christmas could be a real thing after all?

Deadpool 3 hits theaters Nov. 8, 2024.

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