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Sara Lance returns, Laurel goes rogue and a surprise exit (?!) in the latest Arrow

By Trent Moore
Arrow Laurel Sara

The story of Earth-2’s Laurel Lance took a major step forward as she’s finally forced to face the woman she once was — and what that means for the woman she’s become over the past season.

Spoilers ahead for “Lost Canary,” the latest episode of The CW’s Arrow, which aired Monday, April 15, 2019.

After Laurel was outed by Emiko and framed for Diaz’s murder, she decides to turn back to her life of crime, feeling betrayed by Team Arrow as an arrest warrant is issued to bring her in. After seeing the redemption story they’ve pushed for Laurel so hard the past season or two, it’s frustrating to see her so immediately decide to fall back into old habits — and it also felt forced to see her so quickly turn back to good, again, after being pushed by the Birds of Justice (they’re still workshopping that one) to call it quits on stealing weapons for black market thieves.

But it was the episode’s endgame that made the story a bit more clear. This about face, and apparent final turn toward redemption, was done to set up an eventual return to Earth-2 for Laurel. That’s right — she’s apparently headed home to her own universe to be a hero and right some wrongs. To bring Laurel’s present-day story to a close, they even brought Sara Lance back for an extended cameo (Caity Lotz, pulling double duty alongside her Legends of Tomorrow gig) to stand alongside Felicity and Dinah to finally pull Laurel back from the brink. Along with Sara, the late Quentin Lance also looms large over this story, as he was the one who initially took a chance on Laurel in the hopes she could be redeemed. It’s only fitting Laurel and Sara meet at his gravesite to pay homage to the impact he’d had on both their lives.

As for sending Laurel back to Earth-2, it feels like a fitting end to her arc, especially now that we know the show is ending next season with a shortened episode order, anyway. She can always universe-hop back if needed, and besides, it’s later revealed via flash-forward that Laurel is still kicking around in the future as a Canary in the resistance alongside Dinah. So, even if modern-day Laurel heads home, Katie Cassidy Rodgers still has a place in the ensemble in the flash-forwards. It’s since been confirmed the actress isn’t leaving the show, so yeah, she’s probably going to stick around for the rest of the future arc?

Having Sara back also allowed this episode to really lean on its female heroes, to great effect. Oliver and Diggle have a little side mission and a bit of screen time, but this is really Felicity, Dinah, Sara, and Laurel’s story all the way through. With a Birds of Prey movie on the way from DC, this is certainly a bit of proving ground that the concept can have legs on the small screen, too.

Assorted musings

Arrow Lost Canary

Oliver and Diggle’s mission got them a bit closer to unraveling Emiko’s role in the Ninth Circle, but there’s still a lot of work to be done.

Hey, minor DC baddie Shadow Thief gets reimagined here, working alongside Black Siren when she goes evil.

Nice to see the old salmon ladder get some use. Yeah, Sara’s time piloting a time-traveling spaceship has not made her any less of a badass.

In the future, we learn Dinah started the Canaries after she failed to support a friend, likely referring to the present-day Laurel storyline. She also explains it's as much a support group as a resistance. Mia initially declines to join, but seems to be coming around to the idea after future Laurel saves her from sudden death.

Pulling out the old Black Canary costume and gifting it to Laurel was also a great way to bring her arc home, plus to throw a nice nod to the late, OG Laurel.

Next week: Diggle is kidnapped, probably by the Ninth Circle.