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Scott Lobdell, Blake Northcott, and Roc Upchurch enter the swamps in horror graphic novel, Everglade Angels

By Jeff Spry
Everglad Angels Hero

Grab some bug repellent and sensible shoes as you step into the steamy swamps of Scott Lobdell and Blake Northcott's upcoming indie horror offering, Everglade Angels. This R-rated, 48-page graphic novel is the debut release from Northworld Publishing which fuses elements of baseball, mystery, and '90s slasher films in a decadent comics cocktail — and SYFY WIRE has an exclusive early look to share.

Everglade Angels

Everglade Angels also carries with it the added prestige of being the first horror graphic novel from acclaimed writer Scott Lobdell (The Uncanny X-Men, Teen Titans), who's also the screenwriter/creator of Happy Death Day.

Co-created and penned by Canadian talent Northcott (FathomVampirella), the bestselling writer of Arena Mode and The North Valley Grimoire, this impressive creator-owned book contains intense, atmospheric art by Roc Upchurch, whose Eisner and Hugo nominated Image Comics series, Rat Queens, won a 2015 GLAAD Award. 

Everglade Angels Banner

The perilous plotline follows the misadventures of a girls softball team that unfortunately takes a scary shortcut through the Florida Everglades, where they veer off the path of civilization towards an evening they'll never forget, a night that includes drinking, dancing, and once last party before college begins and they go their separate ways into the world.

But when they stumble into a vicious trap set by a murderous cult, their fate is set for a frightening night of bloody carnage – but the masked cult has never quite dealt with a gang of victims who are fully ready to punch back. What unfolds is a double-header of murder, mystery, and survival horror that will smack you square on the skull like a lead bat. Batter up!

Everglade Angels Slice 1

“I’m a huge fan of both the stories and creators of the '90s - it was a magic time that can’t be replicated - but that won’t stop me from trying," Northcott tells SYFY WIRE. "That’s where this project started. To create the first graphic novel from Northworld Publishing I wanted a comic book dream team, and I couldn’t be happier with the results. 

“Scott Lobdell is a horror guru on top of being one of the most iconic X-Men writers of the '90s, and Roc Upchurch has to be the most underrated and versatile artist in the business. His award-winning run on Rat Queens was one of my favourite series of the last decade, and as a lifelong Frazetta fan, his work has always carried a torch for that era.”

Everglade Angels Slice 2

“Not unlike Tree in Happy Death Day, the girls of Everglade Angels are merciless in how they gut the ‘Final Girl Trope’," Lobdell tells SYFY WIRE. "Blake and I both love horror movies, and we’d always push each other to come up with a fresh take. When we stumbled onto this A League Of Their Own as a slasher flick, we knew we were onto something awesome!

“I left the recruiting of the artist to Blake — which turned out to be a brilliant decision because I never in a million years would have thought Roc might be interested in a high concept horror story.  But leave it to him to make scary look so lovely.”

Now check out our exclusive 5-page peek at Everglade Angels in the full gallery below, then let us know if this bat-swinging horror tale might be a publishing grand slam for the entire creative team. Pre-order starts today - July 13 - with delivery before Halloween!