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Airbnb wants you to spend Halloween inside the 'Scream' house, just mind where any calls are coming from

By Justin Carter

If you've ever wanted to know what it's like to live inside the Scream house, this could be your lucky Halloween. Airbnb has put the home from Wes Craven's original horror franchise up for rent, for the surprisingly low price of $5 a night. Then again, considering that house is where the killer's calls originated from...maybe that pricing isn't a surprise.

The caveat, naturally, is that you can only spend one night in the house, on either Oct. 27, 29, or Halloween itself. It's a very recognizable one-bed/one-bath, with two queen beds and two air mattresses, if you manage to get your friends to come along with you to Northern California, where the actual house is located.

Another big selling point is that David Arquette, who plays Sheriff Dewey Riley in the films, will be there virtually at check-in, presumably for your protection. In the official listing, Arquette teases that the night won't be entirely safe: "Ghostface has returned to terrorize our town, so we’ll need to be careful to avoid any encounters (we all know he loves to make an entrance)." 

With the first film currently celebrating its 25th anniversary, and Scream 5 on the horizon, the Airbnb listing is clearly a marketing attempt, and "host" Dewey makes no effort to hide that. Along with getting a chance to tour the iconic abode and see evidence of the mayhem that's occurred, guests will get to watch the first four films on VHS (complete with snacks from the '90s!), and potentially call Ghostface. Or he can call you, if you want to get truly method.

While the odds of booking are certainly not in your favor, those who aren't so lucky to get in can hang out with Scream screenwriter Kevin Williamson on Oct. 28 as he hosts "a chilling Online Experience" to talk about the development of the films. That, however, will cost you $100 to get in. 

To sign up for a chance to visit the Scream house, all you need to do is enter at the official listing when the contest starts on Oct. 12 at 1 p.m. ET. Scream 5 itself will hit theaters on Jan. 14, 2022.

Check out the house in Scream's official trailer below, or head over to the listing for the full tour.

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