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Screamfest 4 asks you to control Game of Thrones' Iwan Rheon in a real-life horror video game

By Justin Carter

You've probably played a video game or two where you control a character modeled after a Hollywood actor — but what if you could play a game and control a real Hollywood actor in the immediate moment?

That's the idea behind Screamfest 4: The Kraken's Revenge, a new horror game that'll let you control its lead character via your phone or laptop. Through a live video link, you can give directions to Iwan Rheon, best known for playing Ramsay Bolton on HBO's Game of Thrones, as he attempts to escape from a maze that, among other things, contains the Balthazoid, the Kraken's nemesis.

Beyond you guiding him, his only other equipment is a torch to guide him around the dark, dank maze that's sure to contain things that could easily kill him. The irony isn't lost on Rheon, who's played manipulative characters for years. "I'll be at the mercy of people controlling my every move," he laughed. "I wonder how many Kraken fans will send me to my doom and how many will save me!" 

Screamfest 4 will begin selling tickets this Wednesday, October 21, before beginning its short three-day run on October 28. Each player will get 10 minutes to control him for the price of £10 and receive an additional game guide and ingredients to create a Halloween-themed cocktail.