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SDCC 2019: DC Super Hero Girls on high school experiences, breaking stereotypes, and why they're not all cute lil' muffins

By Heather Mason

DC Super Hero Girls follows all of your favorite superheroes ... but in high school.

This year at San Diego Comic-Con, Lauren Faust and Natalie Wetzig, the creatives behind the Cartoon Network show DC Super Hero Girls, joined cast members Kari Wahlgren, Grey Griffin, Tara Strong, Nicole Sullivan, and Kimberly Brooks to discuss the show about teenage versions of some of the most well-known DC Comics characters. But the DC Super Hero Girls versions aren't exactly what you're used to seeing when it comes to these heroes.

"I think they're a little bit more fleshed out in this show," said Wahlgren. "They've got flaws. They're parts of different cliques in school. They're not just these very whitewashed, perfect girls. You know, you've got the rebel, you've got the bookworm, it's like The Breakfast Club of DC Super Hero Girls."

Not only are the heroes dealing with your standard superhero issues, like taking down baddies (who are also their friends!) and trying to conceal their true identities, but they also deal with your standard high school issues like school and crushes. In fact, much of what they deal with is pretty relatable.

"We do have a lot of women on our crew who are able to bring their own experiences to the storytelling, so it has a lot of heart, and it's very genuine because of that," said Faust.

So get ready to go back to high school when you turn on DC Super Hero Girls.

Check out the full interview below for more on Wonder Woman's first crush, which of those oh so relatable high school moments the actors most identified with, and the epic battle you can expect in the upcoming season!