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SDCC 2019: Seth MacFarlane promises a Family Guy movie is coming

By Josh Weiss
Family Guy

What the deuce?! During the Family Guy panel at this year's SDCC, creator Seth MacFarlane (voice of Peter, Stewie, Brian, and Quagmire) promised the crowd that a movie based on the long-running animated series would eventually be made.

"It is on my to do list," he said. "We have a very concise, clean premise. "'Clean' isn’t the right word. I’ve had it in my head for 10 years."

Reflecting on the show's longevity (especially after it was canceled twice), MacFarlane added, “I never thought it would go this long, in my wildest dreams ... I think animation sort of exists in its own bubble universe that is so far moved from reality … It’s a strange beast that’s living outside the rules of proper society as we know it."

Seth MacFarlane SDCC 2019

Before the panel opened up the floor to questions from the audience, Alex Borstein (voice of Lois Griffin) sang a special song dedicated to Chris (Seth Green) and Meg (Mila Kunis), whom she felt don't get enough appreciation when compared to Stewie. As it turns out, the song she sang (in Lois' voice, by the way) was "Shallow" from A Star Is Born." Mike Henry (voice of Cleveland Brown, among other characters) joined halfway through the performance as Herbert the Pervert, joking that he thought the song was called "Swallow" when he agreed to do it.

“To me, Family Guy is always No 1.," said Borstein when asked by moderator/executive producer Alec Sulkin if she'd ever leave the show now that she's an Emmy-winning actor for her work in Amazon's The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. "This is my life … I’d be an idiot to [leave the show]. Every time I get a script, I laugh out loud.”

Family Guy panel SDCC 2019

During the Q&A portion, a fan asked whether or not the series would parody another Star Wars movie.

"Those were a lot of work," MacFarlane said. “I think we’d hit the first three Indiana Jones movies before we do [another Star Wars parody]. Borstein voiced her support for an Indy satire, just so she could voice Marion Ravenwood (originally played by Karen Allen).

In addition, he was asked if Brian and Stewie would ever get their own spinoff show. It was brought up by one of the panelists that MTV wanted to pursue a similar route after one of the program's cancellations back in the day.

“I think Family Guy would have to expire [before that happens]," MacFarlane added. "I think, at this point, Family Guy is going to outlive me.”

The last episode of Season 17 aired in May, but Family Guy was recently renewed for an eighteenth season by Fox.

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