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SDCC 2019: Kristen Bell on The Good Place's profound lesson


While Comic-Con is always a highlight for SYFY WIRE, this year's show is a bit bittersweet in part because we're losing The Good Place. The unconventional sitcom is wrapping up its four season run on NBC this fall, and it's a tough one to let go. We forking love it, as Kristen Bell might say on the show.

The Good Place developed a reputation for catching its audience off guard by revealing the true nature of the afterlife, and an attempt to fix it. However, Bell and her co-star William Jackson Harper told us that one of the show's most important legacies is its message.

"I want people to really take in and remember the evolution of this group of people together," said Harper. "I think that giving themselves over to improving each other, and leaning on each other."

"Being comfortable together," added Bell. "Not looking for the perfect person, finding the people around you that can help you grow, that challenge you. It's a lesson for all of us. It's a lesson I take... every time I read these episodes, I take a little life lesson away. We all have people around us and yet we're looking over all of our friends' shoulders wondering where our perfect friend is. It's just a lesson to look right in front of you. Because maybe your friend isn't the one that needs to grow. Maybe it's you."

Bell's co-star Ted Danson also had a few thoughts to share about the impact of The Good Place. To hear them, check out the full video!