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SYFY WIRE San Diego Comic-Con 2019

SDCC: New Star Trek: Short Treks trailer has Pike, Spock, Number One, and tribbles

By Brian Silliman & Don Kaye
H. Jon Benjamin (Star Trek: Short Treks)

As part of the "Star Trek Universe" panel at San Diego Comic-Con, Alex Kurtzman gave an update on Star Trek: Short Treks. The series of shorts connected to the universe of Star Trek: Discovery were a hit last year, and they are giving them another mission.

SYFY WIRE was at the panel, ready to receive all of the short news about the short series. Kurtzman was commanding from the captain's chair, joined by producers Heather Kadin and Michelle Paradise.

Kurtzman called the short series an "interesting experiment” before saying that we are definitely due for another round— there will be six of them coming this time. They debuted a trailer for the new shorts, which can be seen right here:

As is made pretty clear in the trailer, one of the shorts will focus on tribbles, and that episode will feature Archer star H. Jon Benjamin. Ethan Peck’s "Ensign Spock" is here, and so are Captain Pike (Anson Mount) and Number One (Rebecca Romijn).

The titles of the six shorts are: "Ask Not," "Children of Mars," "The Girl Who Made the Stars," "The Trouble With Edward," "Ephaim and Dot," and "Q&A."

Kurtzman confirmed that two of the shorts are animated, though they'll be animated in different styles from the animated series that they are also working on. The final short will actually function as a teaser for Star Trek: Picard, and will give some background information on what went on with Jean-Luc 15 years before his series begins.

Romijn and Peck then joined the panel, and Kurtzman went so far as to ask the audience whether Pike, Spock, and Number One should get their own show. After a very positive response from the crowd, Kurtzman said, "OK, we'll think about it."

We certainly hope so, as we love Mount, Romijn, and Peck in these roles. It'll be great to have them back, even if it's only for a short period of time.

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